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    Problems on Linear Equations

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    1.Graph each line using y-intercept and slope.

    2.in each case determine whether the lines are parallel,perpendicular,or neither.

    3.the line is parallel to -3x+2y=9 and contains the point(-2,1)

    4.Find the equation of each line in the form y=mx+b if possible.
    the line through(3,2) with undefined slope

    5. n varies directly as q, and n=39 when q=3.Find n when q=8

    6.find the variation constant, and write a formula that expresses the indicated variation.
    c varies inversely as d, and c=5 when d=2

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    1.) The graph of the line y + 4x = 8 is: (convert first to y = -4x + 8 to get the slope and y-intercept)
    2.) The lines are perpendicular. It ...

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