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    Basic Algebra

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    Solving Linear Equations by Addition

    1. Solve the system by addition. x + 4y = 2 3x - 2y = -22 2. Solve the system by addition. x + y = 8 x - y = 8 3. Solve the system by addition. 5x - 3y = 13 4x - 3y = 11

    Compound interest and straight lines

    1. If a person has $100 to invest at 5% per annum compounded monthly; how long will it be before she has $150? If the compounding is continuous, how long will it be? A) Compounding monthly, it will be about ___ years before the person has $150. Round answer to 2 decimal places as needed. B) Compounding continuously, it will b

    Composite Function and Characteristics of a Graph

    1. Given f(x) = 4x^2 - 3 and g(x) = 5 - 1/2x^2. Find the following expressions. Simplify your answer for all solutions. (a) (f o g)(4) (b) (g o f)(2) (c) (f o f)(1) (d) (g o g)(0) 2. For the given equation, list the intercepts and test for symmetry. x^2 + y - 16 = 0 A. What are the intercept(s)? Write as an ordered pa

    Quadratic Expression and Parabolas

    1. Determine the quadratic function F whose graph is given: The vertex is (3, -11) an the y-intercept is -2. 2. A man has available 2800 yards of fencing and wishes to enclose a rectangular area. 4. Express the area A of the rectangle as a function of W of the rectangle. 8. For what value of W is the area largest?

    Graph Based Problems

    1. Use the given graph of the function f to answer the following questions: (a) F(-7) = (b) F(-3) = (c) F(6) = (d) Is F(-3) positive or negative? (e) For what numbers x is f(x)=0? (f) What is the domain of f? A) [-7, 6] B) (-7, 6) C) (-infinity, infinity) D) [-2, 3] (g) What is range of f? A) [-7, 6] B) (-2, 3)

    Tracing a Graph and Intervals

    1. Use the given graph of the function F, find the following. (a) What are the intercepts, if any? Simplify the answer. Write an ordered pair. (b) The domain is ? Write in interval notation. The range i ? Write in interval notation. (c) Is the function even, odd, or neither? (d) On which interval(s) is the graph i

    Future value and maturity value

    26. Find the future value FV of the given present value of $3,690 at 2 3/4% for eight years. 34. Find the future value FV of the given present value of $12,450 at 5 7/8% for 630 days. 47. Find the maturity value FV of the given loan amount of $1,200 borrowed at 7 1/8% for three years. 55. Find the maturity value FV of the

    Functions of polynomials with different degrees

    Question 1) Determine whether the function is a polynomial function. If it is, state the degree. If it is not, tell why not. G(x)=7(x-5)^2(x^2+6) a) Polynomial of degree 4 b) Polynomial of degree 7 Question 2) Form a polynomial whose real zeros and degree are given. Zeros: -1, 0, 5. Degree: 3 Write a polynomial with in

    Solving Geometry Questions

    6. Find the area of the following figure (see attached), give that a = 2, b =7 and h = 5. 14. Find the area and perimeter of the following figure (see attached). 24. Find the volume and surface area of the following rectangular box (see attached). 31. Find the volume of the following figure (see attached). 47. On

    Probability and Odds: Children, Coin Tossings, Snapdragon Offspring color

    Please see attached file for full problem description. I need help on these few problems.They include indicating the probabilities and odds that a given family will have boys or girls, the odds of getting heads or tails in a coin toss, and the possible colors of the offspring of snapdragon flowers.

    Computing Probability and Odds

    Three coins are tossed. Using H to indicate heads and T to indicate tails, give the following. (To indicate that the first coin is tails, the second coin is tails, and the third coin is heads enter TTH. Express the answer as a comma-separated list.) a. the sample space S b. the event E that exactly two are heads c. the e

    Finding the Probability and Odds

    A jar on your desk contains fourteen black, six red, twelve yellow, and three green jellybeans. You pick a jellybean without looking. a. Find the probability that it is red or yellow. b. Find the probability that it is not red. c. Find the odds of picking a black jellybean. Write the final answer as a reduced fraction in

    Adding, subtracting, multiplying negative and positive numbers

    Need help to verify if the answers are correct. I get really confused with this stuff. Sometimes I can't remember the correct sign to use(positive or negative). Please provide step by step instructions so that I am able to better understand how to solve the problems. Find the sum: 1. -2 + (-3) = -5 2. 8 - 7 + = 5 3.

    Making Uncertainty Decisions Using Different Driteria

    The expected savings in equipment maintenance costs for three different policies of preventive maintenance (PM1, PM2, and PM3) and three levels of operation of the equipment are shown: Operation Level 1 Operation Level 2 Operation Level 3 PM1 $60,000 $75,000

    Annual Equivalent Cost; Oven Case Study

    Synta Manufacturing Company is considering purchase of new oven to dry its painted optical tube assemblies. Alternative 1: Conventional oven will cost $100,000 and can be expected to last 5 years, with a salvage value of $10,000. Operating costs will be $24,000 per year. • Alternative 2: Convection oven will cost $140,

    Adding and Subtracting More Than Two Integers

    For problems 1-4, I need you to make sure the answers are correct. If the problem is incorrect, please provide a step by step solution. 1. 27 -31 = -4 2. -22 + (-34) = -56 3. -35+ 67 = +22 4. -47 -33 +25 = -55 For problems 5 and six I am not sure if I have interpreted the answers correctly. Please with the in

    Solving quadratic equations and systems of linear equations

    Solve: (y - 3/4)^2 = 17/16 Solve. Try factoring first. If factoring is not possible or is difficult, use the quadratic formula. 1/x + 1/x+6 = 1/5 A merchant has two kinds of paint. If 9 gal of the inexpensive paint is mixed with 7 gal of the expensive paint, the mixture will be worth $19.70 per gallon. If 3 gal of the ine

    Calculating the results of a sealed bid auction

    The Center City Anuraphilic (frog lovers) society has fallen on hard times. Abraham, Bobby and Charlene are the only remaining members and each feels equally entitled to take possession of the society's collection of live rare tropical frogs. The decision is made to use the method of sealed bids and fair shares to decide who wil

    Calculate the efficiency of sewage treatment

    A sewage treatment plant influent has a BOD5 value of 310 mg/L. What efficiency must the treatment plant have in order to meet the NPDES BOD5 requirement of less than 30 mg/L? Will this sewage treatment plant need a tertiary treatment stage?

    Adding with Negative and Positive Numbers.

    How to add negative and positive numbers? Explanation on absolute value. Example of adding two positive numbers, two negative numbers, and two numbers with opposite signs. Example 1: 9 + 5 Example 2: -10 + (-6) Example 3: -8 + 4 Example 4: 8 +(-4)

    Solving an equation using quadratic formula

    (see attached for full problem description) (a) Use the quadratic formula to determine, to the nearest tenth, the roots of the equation: 2x^2 + 1 = -4x. (b) Determine the vertex of the parabola y = 2x^2 + 4x + 1. (recall the x value of the vertex is given by x = -b/2a) (c) Use parts a and b to sketch the grap

    Finding Measurements of Cylindrical Objects

    XYZ University sends out its diplomas in a diploma mailer that's in the shape of a right circular cylinder. The ratio of the height of the mailer to the radius of its base is 5, and the total surface area of the mailer (lateral surface area, plus the areas of the top and the base) is 96 square inches. Find the height of the mail

    Multiple choice questions: solving functions

    1) If f(x) =√x^2-1 and g(x) = √x-1 and, which expression represents f(x)/g(x) for x>1? a) √x-1 b) 1/√x+1 c) √x d) √x+1 2) The function h(x)= 1/98x^2 describes h(x), the height of a rollercoaster track, where x is the horizontal distance in feet from the center of this section of the track. The tower that supp

    Algebra Help Involving Square Roots and Complex Numbers

    Could you please help me with these questions by showing you're work so that I can understand how to move forward with my assignment. 1. Solve: √y+1 - 6 =2 (Square root of y+1-6=2, only the y+6 is under the square root sign) 2. Solve the equation: √w^2-12 +7 = w+5 (Only the w^2-12 is under the square root sign) 3. Solve

    Polynomials: assorted problems

    (Please see the attached file for the full question detains) Please solve and explain these questions: 1, 2 , 7, 17 19 21 1. Write the polynomial in standard form, identify the degree of the polynomial, identify the leading coefficient, and then classify it according to its degree and number of teams. 2y - 3y^2 + 2y^3 + 3

    Finding the maximum height

    The maximum velocity of a roller coaster depends on the vertical drop from the top of the highest hill to the bottom of that hill. The formula: (see attached), gives the relationship between maximum velocity, V(h) in feet per second, and height, h in feet. 1. Identity the independent variable, dependent variable.(Must use the

    Cost Benefit Model

    Environmental scientists often use cost-benefit models to estimate the cost of removing a pollutant from the environment as a function of the percentage of pollutant removed. Suppose a cost benefit function for the cost C (in millions of dollars) of removing x percent of the pollutants from Maple Lake is given by C(x) = 25x/(