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Basic Algebra

Calculate the headwind

. Well, here we are again with that English Channel, which appears to have repeated significance in flying firsts. Louis Bleriot, French aviator and inventor, was the first individual to successfully cross the English Channel in a motorized aircraft. On July 25, 1909, he flew his aircraft, called the Bleriot XI, a three cyli

System of inequalities

At what corner point function F = 3x + 5y has maximum, subject to following constrain Find corner points for the area defined by the following system of inequalities: Find corner points for the area defined by the following system of inequalities: Find corner points for the area defined by the following system of inequalities

Algebra Study Problem

ALGEBRA STUDY PROBLEM Global Warming: If the global climate were to warm significantly as a result of the greenhouse effect or other climatic change, the Arctic ice cap would start to melt. This ice cap contains the equivalent of some 680,000 cubic miles of water More than 200 million people live on land that is less than 3 f

Boulders dropped 3

All boulders and rocks (large enough not to be buffeted by air current) appear to take the same time to hit bottom. My conjecture, observes Galileo, leader of the team, is that there is a universal gravitational constant which affects all objects, large or small. Knowing, as he does, that if such a constant exists, call it g f

Inequality and race relations - need help starting

I need to write a paper using the three theories: conflict theory, functionalism and interactionist theory and explain how I would begin to improve gender inequality and race relations in the United States. Explain which of the theories would be most useful in doing this and also which theory most useful to the people in power i

Algebra: The rational expression

Please help with the following problem. I recently read an obituary of Paul MacCready, the father of human powered aircraft. He invented the Gossamer Albatross, an aircraft which successfully flew the English Channel under human power (a cyclist turning the propeller). The aircraft flew from Folkestone, England to Cap Griz

Alternate ways to solve a problem

Read the problem below. Then, describe two or more alternate ways to solve this problem. A farmer sends his daughter and son out into the barnyard to count the number of chickens and pigs. When they return the son says that he counted 200 legs and the daughter says she counted 70 heads. How many pigs and chickens does the f

Pythagorean theorem is utilized.

1.The formula r=2sqrt(5L) can be used to approximate the speed r, in miles per hour, of a car that has left skid marks of length L, in feet. How far will a car skid at 30mph? 2.What does it mean to refer to a 20 inch TV set or a 25 inch TV set? Such units refer to the diagonal of the screen. A 25 inch TV set also has a wid

Algebra: Equations

1. How can you determine whether a system has no solution by graphing? 2. Solve by graphing: y=x-3 y=-x+1 3. Solve by the substitution method. Determine whether the equations are independent, dependent, or inconsistent. 3y-x=0 x-4y=-2 4. Ticket sales. Tickets for a concert were sold to adults for $3 and

The area of the rectangle is assessed.

1. A rectangular box with volume 7 cubic metres has a square base with side length x metres. Express the surface area S of the box as a function of x. S=_______ 2. The diameter of a spherical balloon is 8 cm. Air is pumped into the balloon to increase its diameter by x cm. Express the increase in volume of air inside the

How fast does each bicyclist travel?

1. Kathy bicycles 5 km/h faster than Javier. In the same time it takes Javier to bicycle 57 km, Kathy can bicycle 72 km. How fast does each bicyclist travel? 2. The office jet printer can copy Lisa's dissertation in 8 min. The laser jet printer can copy the same document in 10 min. If the two machines work together, how

Radicals, exponents,

Please see attached file. 1. Find the following. Assume that x can represent any real number. Use absolute value notation when necessary. = 2. Find the following. Assume that a and b can represent any real number. 3. Television sets. What does it mean to refer to a 20-in TV set or a 25-in TV set? Such units refer to th


Given: -3<= 4x-2<=1 Solve for x.


1. Graph y=x-1 List at least five points on the line 2. Graph 2x+y=6 Find the x and y intercepts. 3. Find the slope of the line through (1/3, 2) (-1/3, 1) 4. Graph the line through (2,3) with slope 1/2 . 5. Write an equation for the line in the following graph. Use slope and intercept form if possible. (

Need Assistance with Algebra

Show all work, and use Equation Editor or MathType to format all equations. 2.1-56 Solve 2.2-36 Solve 2.3-86 Solve 2.4-30 Solve for x. 2.4-84 Finding the list price. Find the list price if there is a 12% discount and the sale price is $4400. 2.5-20 Write an algebraic expression for two numbers that

Additional and Multiplication Principles Solving

I need help with the problems in the attached document. Please provide step-by-step instructions so that I can check my problems to make sure I did them correctly. 1. Solve x - 3 = -7 2. Solve x - 5 = 25 3. Using the addition principle solve 15 = n - 2. Be sure to check. 4. Solve using the multiplication principle. Be sur

Linear equations and inequalities

Discuss the following: I. Given a 1-variable linear equation 10z-4=86. Explain the techniques, and show the steps used for solving this equation. Check if the solution is correct. II. Using the same 1-variable linear equation in I above, change the linear equation to a linear inequality (Use either < or >). Explain the tec


The table below shows where people over 65 in the US live. A total of 23% of elderly men live either alone or with relatives. The sum of double the percent of men who live alone and triple the percent who live with relatives exceeds the percent of US women over 65 who live with their spouse by 13%. What percent of elderly men

Ordered Pair Solution and Graphing

Chalkboard Activity Please pick 5 questions from the list below. Solve those 5 problems, showing your work, and submit them to your Individual Forum. ________________________________________ Problem Set 1 (choose one) 1. Decide if the ordered pair (-3,5) is a solution to 9x + 7y = 8 and 8x-9y = -69 2. Decide if the

Hello (Week 2)

Please help with my review class. This is supposed to be elementary Algebra, but I am having a hard time understanding it. Please help me to understand better and if are able to help please explain so that I can understand it. Thank you.

Applying Exponential Growth & Decay Rates

1. Each year the local country club sponsors a tennis tournament. Play starts with 128 participants. During each round, half of the players are eliminated. How many players remain after 5 rounds? At what round the tournament canâ??t be played? Chart the decay rate. 2. In one locality, the H1N1 flu (aka swine flu) sp

A land trust has received a $130,000 donation to save flying squirrels.

A land trust has received a $130,000 donation to save flying squirrels. They have identified five different areas to target as ecological reserves for flying squirrels. Three of the projects are in Oregon and two are in Washington. Each of the Oregon reserves would require a $70,000 investment and would each provide habitat f

Mathematics Problems

1. On a trip to the supermarket you buy an economy pack of Soft-4-U toilet tissue. At home you read this information on the side of the pack: 12 rolls 2 ply tissue Average 225 sheets per roll Sheet size 125 mm x 110 mm This sets you thinking about the size of the toilet rolls before you unpack them. (a) Assumin

Application for Amber

The amazing Amber. Amber has been amazing her friends with a math trick. Amber has a friend select a three-digit number and reverse the digits. The friend then finds the difference of the two numbers and reads the first two digits of the difference (from left to right). Amber can always tell the last digit of the difference. E

A Discussion On Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

1. Convert the following equations into logarithmic form: a. 2 = 6x b. 7 = 6y c. 9 = 3y d. X = 8y 2. Convert the following equations into exponential form: a. X = log54 b. 7 = log6Y c. X= log8Y d. 90 = log4Z 3. Simplify the following expressions: a. X

A number of algebra practice questions and solutions

Evaluate. ((-1)2 - 3)3 + 5 · (-5) Simplify the following expression: When converting from Fahrenheit degrees to Celsius degrees , a well known formula is used: . Solve for . Simplify. Simplify. Simplify. Write your answer without parentheses. Rewrite the following without an exponen