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Basic Algebra

Quadratic Equations: 10 Problems

Find all real or imaginary solutions to each equation. Use the method of your choice: 1. w^2 = -225 2. 3y^2 + 4v -1 = 0 3. sqrt(7)x + 29 = x + 3 Solve each equation by using the quadratic formula: 4. x ^2 + 4x + 3 = 0 5. - 8 q^2 - 2q + 1 = 0 6. -3x^2 - 2x - 5 = 0 Find the discriminant b^2-4ac and the n

factor, simplify and multiply

1. Factor: 48-16v+v^2 2. Simplify: 3 sq. rt -1/25 3. Simplify by factoring: sq rt 32a^2b 4. Multiply: (b+1/2)(b+1/4) 5. For the following equation, state the value of the discriminant and then describe the nature of the solution. 16x^2+5x+2=0 6. Factor completely: 144a^2+648ag+729g^2 7. Factor co

Square Root and Pythagorean Theorem Problems

102. (-2x - 8)/(x^2 + 2x - 8) 20. (-7yt)/3x = ?/18xyt 66. 4/(x - y), 5x/(2y - 2x) 12. - sqrt(25) 26. sqrt(y^36) 36. sqrt(16n) 64. sqrt(12x^8) 84. The third root of (-27y^36 / 1000) 22. (-16)^1/4 38. 25^(-3/2) 104. (-27x^9)^1/3 6. sqrt(5) - s(sqrt(5)) 36. (3sqrt(2))(-4(sqrt(10)) 88. sqrt(2t^

Algebra for College Students

1. An icecream store sells two drinks (sodas or milk shakes) in four sizes (small, medium, large or jumbo) and five flavors (vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, coffee or pistachio). In how many ways can a customer order a drink? 2. A club with tem members is to choose three officers - president, vice-president and secretary trea

Algebra: Simplification and Identification

1.Multiply. Write your answer in lowest terms. 2. Multiply and simplify: 3. Divide. Write your answer in lowest terms. 4. Simplify. Question #5/19 Simplify as much as possible . 6. Subtract. Write your answer in lowest terms. Question #7/19 Express as a single fraction in lowest terms: Question #8/19 Sub

Show relational algebra expressions for given requirements.

Show relational algebra expressions for: a. The names of all salespeople. b. The names of all salespeople having an ORDER row. c. The names of salespeople not having an ORDER row. d. The names of salespeople having an order with Abernathy Construction. e. The salaries of salespeople having an order with Abernathy Constru


The half-life of the adioactive element Krypton-91 is 10 seconds. If 16 grams of Krypton-91 are initially present, how many grams are present after 10 seconds? 20 seconds? 30 seconds? 40 seconds? 50 seconds? Use the exponential growth model A = A0e^(kt) to show that the time it takes a population to double (to grow fom

Using the Master Theorem

This problem stems from the Master Theorem. I have a sample problem with a solution but it does not show me the steps to reduce the problem algebraically and I don't see how they got to the solution. The problem is: T(n) = 6T(n/5) + n^2 -8n + 3 Using the Master Theorem this problem falls under case 3 in which we have to

price per viewable image area

An advertisement for LED HDTVs lists the following prices for their different sizes (all have the same aspect ratio 9:16): 22-inch $ 247.99 42-inch $ 1,299.99 46-inch $ 1,449.99 52-inch $ 1,799.99 55-inch $ 1,999.0 Rearrange this list in terms of the price per viewable image area ( $/in2 ) The Green people of planet Xy

Graphing and Algebra Word Problems

1. Customers of a phone company can choose between two service plans for long distance calls. The first plan has a $30 one time activation fee and charges 8 cents a minute. The second plan has no activation fee and charges 13 cents a minute. After how many minutes of long distance calls will the cost of the two plans be equal i

Solving Basic Algebra Questions

1) The spread of a virus in an isolated community is modeled by N(t)=1100/1+49e^-0.3t, where N(t) is the number of people infected after t days. a) Approximately how many people will be infected in 16 days? ___________ b) How long until 900 people have been infected? Round to the nearest day. _________days 2) Solve

Odd Degree Polynomials

1) Find the remainder when x^3+2x^2+5 is divided by x+2. __________ 2) The spread of a virus in an isolated community is modeled by N(t)=1100/1+49e^-0.3t, where N(t) is the number of people infected after t days. a) Approximately how many people will be infected in 16 days? ___________ 3) A ball is hit into the ai

Algebra and Functions with Domain and Range

1) Given the function f(x)=sqrt(x+8), find the DOMAIN of the inverse function, f^-1(x). a) [0,â??) b) (-â??, 0] 2) Suppose that a person x inches tall sprains an ankle. An approximation for the length of a crutch (in inches) that a person might need is given by the function f(x)=19/26x+2. Find and interpret

Horizontal Asymptote Intercepts

1) Which of the following is/are TRUE about the graph of y=6e^x ? Select all that apply. a) It has a range of (6, -â??) b) It has a horizontal asymptote of y=0 c) It has both an x-intercept and a y-intercept 2) The temperature, in degrees Fahrenheit, of a cup of coffee can be expressed by T(t)=80+105e^-0.045t, where t is


Buying a Home For most people, buying a house is a great investment that can offer security in an uncertain world, but buying a house is also a commitment. Application Practice Answer the following questions. Use Equation Editor to write mathematical expressions and equations. First, save this file to your hard drive b

The maximum dosage of a drug

1) A ball is hit into the air. Its height, s, at time t, is given by the equation s(t)=-16t^2+88t+3 . Determine the maximum height of the ball. Round to the nearest foot. _____feet 2)The maximum dosage of a drug that can be given to an individual is a function of the individual's weight. The following table gives the maximum

Algebra: Word Problems on Fencing

1)A rancher is going to construct a new rectangular pen for his emu farm. If he has 2600 feet of fencing, what is the maximum area of the pen? ____ft^2 2)A farmer is fencing a rectangular pen for his sheep using the straight portion of a river as one side of the rectangle. If the farmer has 1200 feet of fencing, find the d

Intermediate Algebra

Please provide solutions. Thank you. H81 1. To complete the square on x in x2 + 6x, find one-half of , square it to get , and add to get ________________ 2. Use factoring to solve the equation. 9y2 - 576 = 0 y = (smaller value) y = (larger value) 3. Use factoring to solve the equation. 4t - 3 = t2 t

The graph of the equation

1. Complete the table. y = 3x - 6 x y -2 0 3 2. Graph the equation. 3. Find the slope of the line that passes through the given points, if possible. (If the slope is undefined, enter UNDEFINED in the answer box.) 4. Determine the slope of the line in the following graph. The slope i

Intermediate Algebra Practice Problems

Intermediate Algebra - Practice Problems 1. Simplify 2a+5a-(6a+8) 2. Clear fractions or decimals, solve, and check 1.7t +8-1.62t=0.4t-0.32+8 3. Divide and check (24x^6 + 18x^4 + 8x^3) ÷ (4x^3) 4. Factor completely. If a polynomial is prime, state this 4x^2 - 25 5. Solve x^2 + 2x - 35 =0 25y^2 + 16 = 0 2

Probability, Equations and Graphs

1. A mini license plate for a toy car must consist of a letter followed by two numbers. Each letter must be an S, U or N. Each number must be a 3 or 5. Repetition of digits is permitted. a. Use the counting principle to determine the number of points in the sample space. b. Construct a tree diagram to represent this equati

Applying Quadratic Formula

1. Solve by applying the Quadratic Formula; all radicals should be simplified as far as possible. Show your work. x2 + 4x + 13 = 0 2. 2. Use the discriminant to determine whether the following equations have solutions that are: two different rational solutions; two different irrational solutions; exactly one rational soluti

Step by step calculations for algebra problems

a. Section 2.1 Exercises: Problem 94 1 7 4 ——s + —— = ——s 3 9 3 b. Section 2.2 Exercises: Problem 80 5 ( x - 3 ) = - 15 c. Section 2.3 Exercises: Problem 50 - 4 - 5p = - 4p Problem62 4 - 5 (w + 2) = 2(w

Equation, linear inequality and slope

Define the term equation and then explain what it means to solve an equation. Give an example of an equation and its solution. Explain why it is the solution. Define the term linear inequality and then explain what it means to solve a linear inequality. Explain how the solution to the inequality 2x-5<25 differs from the solut

Algebra: Solve & Simplify

Problems in math 209. 1. Solve for x. 2(x - 5) = 6x - 26 2.Solve the inequality for u. 14 < -4 - 2u 3. A total of 511 tickets were sold for the school play. There were 61 more student tickets sold than adult tickets. How many adult tickets were sold? 4. Graph the line. y = -3x + 3 5. Find the values

Evaluating Equations and Performing Operations

1. Miscellaneous Write the interval notation for the interval of real numbers shown in each graph. 2. Fractions,Decimals, and Percents Convert each given fraction, decimal, or percent into its other two forms. 19/20 3. Miscellaneous Perform the indicated operations. 15 + (-39) 4. Fill in the parentheses so that