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Basic Algebra

Quadratic Formula Application

Application Assignment #4 (Quadratic Equations) Answer the following questions. Use Equation Editor to write mathematical expressions and equations. First, save this file to your hard drive by selecting Save As from the File menu. Click the white space below each question to maintain proper formatting. Part 1 Mrs. Thom

Algebra Problems: finding the product

Please do not send answers in PDF Format 1. Find the following product: 5x2y(-4x5y4) - 5x2y - 4x5y4 - -20x10y4 - X7 y5 - -20x7y5 2. Short Answer. Find the following product: 6z (6z3-9z2+4) 3. Find the following product: (x - 8)(x + 8) - x2 +64 - x2 - 16x -64 - x2 + 16x -64 - x2 - 64 4. Short Answer. Fi

Toxic Pollutants Formula and Driving Marathon Expressions

1. Toxic pollutants: The annual cost in dollars for removing p% of the toxic chemicals from a town's water supply is given by the formula: C(p)= 500.000/(100 - p) a) Use the accompanying graph to estimate the cost for removing 90% and 95% of the toxic chemicals. b) Use the formula to find C(99.5) and C(99.9). c) What

Solve: Rational Exponents and Radicals

What is a rational exponent? How are rational exponents related to radicals? Give an example of how an expression with a rational exponent can be rewritten as a radical expression. Explain how the process of combining radicals through addition and subtraction is similar to combining polynomials. What makes two radicals like radi

Graph the parabola using the quadratic formula

(2-(-2)^)^ - 5 x 4 -(4w + u) - 4 (6u + 4w) The surface area of a right prism is given by , where is the area of the base, is the perimeter of the base, and is the height of the prism. Solve for . Solve for . Simplify your answer as much as possible. . Write

Rational expression, Rational equation, Polynomial

A. Choose an example of a rational expression, and present a step by step solution. B. Under what situation would one or more solutions of a rational equation be unacceptable? C. Define a polynomial and a rational expression. What makes a rational expression unique? Provide two original examples of a rational expression an

Exhibiting Rational Expressions

(1) Explain how multiplying and dividing rational expressions is similar to multiplication and division of fractions. Give an example of each and compare the process. (2) When simplifying the rational expression (x+8)/(x+2), explain why it is improper to cancel out the x's. State a general rule for canceling factors in a rati

GCF of Monomials and Expressions

Please show all work for all problems listed. Thank you This will help me with future problems like these. Find the GCF of the monomials. 16x2z, 40xz2, 72z3 Factor the GCF of expression. 15x2y2 - 9xy2 + 6x2y a(a + 1) - 3(a + 1) Factor each polynomial completely. x3y + 2x2y2 + xy3 Use grouping to factor e


1. Simplify the following expression, and rewrite it in an equivalent form with positive exponents (12x^7y^9)/(36xy^7 2. Raise the quantity in parentheses to the indicated exponent, and simplify the resulting expression. (-3x^6y)^3 3. Simply the following expression, and rewrite it in an equivalent form with positive e

Math Problems Quotients

Help with the following problems. Please work the problem out. Thank you 1. Simplify -5y^4(y^5)^2 15y^7(y^2)^3 2. Parenthesis is around the whole problem. (3^3)^2 3 3. Simplify w^-4 w^6 4. Simplify * Parenthesis is around the whole problem* (2s^-1t^3)^-3 6s^2t^-4 5. Write in standard notation. 9.3 x 10

Algebra complex zeros

1) Factor the polynomial completely. P(x) = x^2 + 9 P(x) = Find all its zeros. State the multiplicity of each zero. (If an answer does not exist, enter DNE.) real zero x=______ with multiplicity______ complex zero x=_______(positive imaginary part) with multiplicity ____ co

Algebra complex zeros

1) A polynomial P is given. P(x) = x^4 + 49x^2 (a) Find all zeros of P, real and complex. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list. If a root has multiplicity greater than one, only enter the root once.) x = (b) Factor P completely. P(x) = 2) A polynomial P is given. P(x) = x^3 â?' 10x^2 + 50x (a) Find all zer

Real zeros of Polynomials

1) Find all rational zeros of the polynomial. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list. If a zero has multiplicity greater than one, only enter the root once.) P(x) = x^3 â?' 6x^2 + 11x â?' 6 x= Write the polynomial in factored form. P(x) = 2) Find all rational zeros of the polynomial. (Enter your answers as a c

Algebra Assignment

1. From the graph below, state the coordinates of the point at which the two lines intersect (Note to my BrainMass pal, if you are not able to read the numbers, they are ) Down: 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 Across the numbers are - 6 -4 -2 -1 0 2, 4, 6, 2. Solve using the substitution metho

Topoogical equivalence of an open interval and the real line

Prove that the open interval (-pi/2,pi/2) considered as a subspace of the real number system, topologically equivalent to the real number system. Prove that any two open intervals, considered as subspaces of the real number system, are topologically equivalent. Prove that any open interval, considered as a subspace of the r

Laws of Exponents

Post a 200- 300 word response to the following: Explain the rules of exponents and provide one example of each: Multiplying Monomials: Product of Powers Power of Power Power of a Product Dividing Monomials: Quotient of Powers Power of a Quotient Please help.

Need help on this problem

Show the total cost expression and calculate the EOQ for an item with holding cost rate 18%, unit cost $8.00, annual demand of 40000, and ordering cost of $48.

Polynomial functions

1) Factor the polynomial and use the factored form to find the zeros. P(x) = x^3 â?' x^2 â?' 72x x = (smallest value) x = x = (largest value) 2) Factor the polynomial and use the factored form to find the zeros. P(x) = x^4 â?' 3x^3 + 2x^2 x = (smallest value) x = x = x = (largest value)

Change of Subject formula and Equation of motion

The magnitude (size) of the force, F, between two masses a distance r apart is given by the equation F equals (G times m subscript 1 times m subscript 2) over (r squared) Where G is a constant. Rearrange this equation to make G the subject. A ball is thrown vertically upwards into the air with a speed of8.5 m s-1.Assu

Sample Size: Assessing Honesty of Test taker

A personality test has a subsection designed to assess the "honesty" of the test-taker. Suppose that you are interested in the mean score, mu, on this subsection among the general population. You decide that you will use the mean of a random sample of scores on this subsection to estimate mu. What is the minimum sample size need


1. For the given equation and graph of the quadratic function, do the following... (a) to (e) 2. Choose the graph that represents the function ... 3. Graph the following on the same coordinate system... (a) to (e) 4. Graph the parabola. Then determine the domain and range... 5. Graph the quadratic function. Give

Order of Operations in evaluating a mathematical expression

The order that we use to assemble a cake or build a house is important. The same holds true for evaluating any expression in math. We call this the Order of Operations. In your own words, explain the Order of Operations. Give an example of an expression to fit this situation in math and an example in real life. Please sh

Algebra questions

128. Factor completely Remember to look first for a common factor. Check by multiplying. If a polynomial is prime, state this. − x3 + x2 + 42x 28. Factor completely. Remember to look first for a common factor and to check by multiplying. If a polynomial is prime, state this. 25x2 + 10x + 1 8. Solve using the principle

Simplifying Expressions

How does the knowledge of simplifying an expression help you, personally, to solve an equation efficiently? Give an example from your life in how knowing the reason why helped you with the process of solving a difficult situation or problem.


1.Samantha's student loans total $20,000. Part was a personal loan at 12% interest; the other was a Stafford loan at 10%. After one year the loans accumulated $2160 in interest. What was the amount of each loan? a)Develop an equation to represent the sum of the loans, use 'x' for the personal loan, use 'y' for the Stafford

Manipulating Expressions and Equations

When we manipulate expressions and equations, we realize that there are basic properties that govern what we can and can't do. One of those properties is the Commutative Property. Let's consider this property in our discussion. Is there a commutative property of subtraction? In other words, does order matter when subtracting? Wh

Algebra Equations

Please assist me in solving these equations. A. Solve and find solution to X 15x^4 -13x^2 + 2 = 0 1. Solve and find the solution for X w^2 - 6w - 27 = 0 2. Solve and find the solution to X X^2 + 14x - 4 = 0 B. Multiply (r + d) (r^2 - rd + d^2) 1. Multiply (-3n)^2(2n^7)^2 E. Find the solutions. What is/are the soluti


How do you compute the intercepts of a quadratic function? In case of a quadratic function, why are there two x-intercepts and one y-intercept? Which topic covered in this class was the most challenging for you? Why? How did you overcome this challenge? What is the meaning of "axis" in regards to a quadratic function? Why