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Basic Algebra

Comparing Coefficients of Different Scales

Definition Let me define the influence of an independent variable on the dependent variable as the change in the dependent variable due to the independent variable. Background Suppose that your company has a nationwide hiring program, and you have determined with data consisting of SALES ($M) in the first year on the job, u

Payment and Loans

Hi, I need some assistance completing the following algebra questions. Questions: 1. Find the amount of interest and monthly payment for the loan. Purchase a car for $42,500 at 2.9% add-on rate for 5 years. (round your answers to the nearest cents). 2. Convert the following credit card rate to the APR. Nebraska, 0.03014% d

Statement of Reflection on Algebra

Write a statement reflecting on your appreciation for algebra and how it can be applied to a real situation to your chosen career (accounting & finance). Support your statement with examples of applications.

Mathematical Induction Problem

Use mathematical induction to show that a rectangular checkerboard with an even number of cells and two cells missing, one white and one black, can be covered by dominoes.

Why is order of operations necessary?

Use multiplication, division, addition and subtraction and at least one set of parentheses to write an expression that simplifies to 7, 13, or 17. Do your work step by step and explain each step as you simplify the expression. Demonstrate the consequences of not using the proper order of operations by showing that other orders

Mathematical Induction: Flaws and Inductive Proofs

1. Find the flaw with the following "prof" that a^n = 1 for all non negative integers n, whenever a is a nonzero real number. Basis Step: a^0 = 1 is true by the definition of a^0. Inductive Step: Assume that a^j = 1 for all non negative integers j with j <= k. Then note that a^(k+1) = (a^k*a^k)/(a^k-1) = 1*1/1 = 1

Induction Problem: Covering a Checkerboard

Using mathematical induction, prove or disprove that all checkerboards of these shapes can be completely covered using right triominoes whenever n is a positive integer. a) 3 x 2^n b) 6 x 2^n c) 3^n x 3^n d) 6^n x 6^n

Word Problems - Linear Inequality, Etc.

Can you please assist me with formulas for the following? 1. Formula needed for: A freight train leaves a station traveling at 32 km/h. Two hours later, a passenger train leaves the same station traveling in the same direction at 52 km/h. How long does it takes the passenger train to catch up to the freight train? 2. Desc

Multiplication Equations, Division Equations, Etc.

1. Using only whole numbers, write as many multiplications equations as possible with 12 as the product. 2. Chance wrote four division equations with 6 as the quotient. What could have been the four division equations that he wrote? 3. For the next two problems tell what kind of situation is described, then write an equ

Algebra: Geometric Progression and Acceleration

1. a) Transpose the following formula to make v the subject: f = uv/(u + v) b) Solve the folowing equation to find the value of x: (3.4)^2x+3 = 8.5 c) In the formula theta = Ve^(-Rt/L), the value of theta = 58, V = 255, R = 0.1 and L = 0.5. Find the corresponding value of t.

Give big-O estimate for each of these function

a) Arrange the function (1.5)^n, n^100, (log n)^3, (n^1/2)*log n, 10^n, (n!)^2, n^99 +n98 in a list so that each function is big-O of the next function. b) Give big-O estimate for each of these functions. For the function g in your estimate f(x) is O(g(x)), use a simple function g of smallest order. i) (n^3 + (n^2)*log n) *

Observational Study or Experiment?

Identify whether the following study is an observational study or an experiment. If its an experiment identify the control group and treatment group and discuss whether a single or double blinding is necessary. If the study is observational state whether it is a case control study and if so identify cases and controls. A do

Writing expressions and equations

During a marathon, Kim our champion cyclist is having struggles. At the halfway checkpoint she is behind the leader, Allison by 10 miles. Kim still has a lot of energy left and pacing herself at a constant 15 miles per hour. Allison on the other hand, is getting tired and has slowed down to 11 miles per hour. a) Write an exp

Set Up and Solve the Equations for Word Problems

1. Anthony leaving Kingston at 2:00pm and drives to Queensville, 160 mi distant, at 45mi/h. At 2:15pm Helen leaves Queensville and drives to Kingston at 40mi/h. At what time do they pass each other? 2. The hypotenuse of a right triangle has a length of 20cm. The sum of the lengths of the other two sides is 28cm. Find the

Evaluating an exponential

Imagine that every single person in your contact list (268) has the same number of people in their contact list (268) as you. Write this total number of all the contacts in all the phones (ignore the fact that some may repeat) as an exponential. Next, evaluate this exponential. How do I write this as an exponential?

Arranging Letters - A, S, S, E, M, B, L, E, D

If the nine letters A, S, S, E, M, B, L, E, D are arranged in a row such that the two letters S, S, are together and the other vowels A, E, E, are separated by one or more letters, how many different such arrangements are possible?

How much energy, in joules, is released by an earthquake of magnitude 5?

Use the earthquake magnitude scale to answer the question. 1.) how much energy, in joules, is released by an earthquake of magnitude 5? A) 7.9 x 10(13) joules B) 2.5 x 10(9)joules C) 7.9 x 10(11)joules D) 7.6 x 10(11)joules 2.) how much energy, in joules, is released by an earthquake of magnitude 3.4? A) 7.9 x 10(13)

Four Steps To Simplifying Radicals

What are the steps for simplifying radicals? Can either step be deleted? If you could add a step that might make simplifying radicals easier or easier to understand, what step would you add?

Algebraic Calculations For Various Scenarios

1. Two of the top-grossing concert tours were by a jazz and a rock band. Together the two tours visited 185 cities. The jazz band visited 99 cities more than the rock band. How many cities did the jazz band visit? how many cities did the rock band visit? 2. A baseball team has home games on Friday and Saturday. The two games


Imagine your younger relative, of middle school age, was taking an algebra course and asked for your help, how would you teach the multiplication of polynomials to him/her?

Domain of an odd root radical function

How would you explain to a seventh grader the difference between the domains of an odd root radical function and an even root radical function? How would you change your explanation for someone who had taken high school algebra?

Law of Radicals

What law of radicals allows you to treat radical expressions as exponential expressions? How would you explain this to someone else and how would you explain adding like radicals? Include an example with your explanation. Use the following notation for square root: sqrt(3).

Solving Absolute Value Inequalities (AVI) Step-by-Step

What is the best method for solving absolute value inequalities? The first most important part about solving absolute value inequalities is to understand that there are two types of inequalities. These are |ax+b|<c and |ax+b|>c. These inequalities have totally different solutions. This is because of the difference between the t

Compound Inequalities with Signs and Directions

See the attachment. Choose the correct description of the graph of the compound inequality x - 1 ? 7 or 2x ? 22. (I "believe it is d, since the greater/less than or equal sign calls for a closed circle. Also, considering the directions of the arrows i.e. x ? 8 and x ? 11). a. A number line with an open circle on 8, shading

Inequalities Compound Equivalents

Need help working the following: 1. Which of the following is not an equivalent form of the compound inequality: x + 10 > 20 and x + 10 ? 26 a. 20 < x + 10 ? 26 b. 10 < x and x ? 16 c. A number line with a closed circle on 16, shading to the right, and an open circle on 10, shading to the left. d. A number line with a

Social Inequality in the West and Open Societies

In regards to the Western context, is there a point at which the level of inequality becomes so great that it is detrimental for individuals trying to improve their situation and to the future of the society as a whole?

Algebra Word Problem: Three Candy Corn Jars

In my favorite shopping mall downtown there is a specialty shop that's bound to please anybody's sweet tooth. It's a candy store called Candylandia. In this store you can find just about any kind of candy your tastebuds would savor. One favorite and traditional candy is the candy corn. Candylandia sells candy corn in three d

Age and Retirement Savings Income

1. How old are you? At what age do you hope to retire? These questions are really about answering: How many years do you have until your retire? 2. Assume you are about to set up a new retirement savings account at a 4% annual interest rate (APR). Based on how you want to live in retirement, and any other sources of retirement