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    Basic Algebra

    Algebra: Rational and Real Expressions

    Attached is a discussion paper, which had two expressions that needed to be solved. I wrote only a little about real numbers. Of these numbers to the right, 2.5, 0, 1/3, -0.2121121112111..., 0.11111..., pi, 14, 14.28561,which is/are real? Can the numbers provided above also be applied in the same manner as my paper? Also,

    Steps on Factoring Linear Equations

    I have provided an attachment showing the two problems that I have already worked. I am looking for a sanity check to ensure the process is correct. Since doing the equations, I have two distinct questions concerning the problems. 1. Why can we not factor something like a2+b2? 2. On the second equation, not sure if I use

    Conversion of sin and cosine Terms

    Q1 Alternating currents i1 and i2 flowing into a circuit node are given by i1 = 0.02 sin wt i2 = 0.032 cos ( wt - π/3) Determine an expression for the output current i = i1 + i2 the form R sin (wt + α) and thus state its amplitude and phase angle

    Impact of the Compounding Frequency on the Growth of Investments

    Provided below is a formula that I already understand, to include finding the answer. P=A(1/(1+r)^n ) = P=(5000)(1/(1+0.08)^12 )≌1985.60 The equation and variables below is similar to the above equation, However, the A is on the sum side. Can someone show me the steps in this process. If the amount invested and th

    The Slope of the Line: Parallel and Perpendicular

    As I have learned about parallel and perpendicular slopes, the slope is m=rise/run. Completely understand the perpendicular with a 90 degree offset. Can someone explain, why the rise/run is the same anywhere on the straight line? Is there a mathematical argument for this? If so/not then can someone explain? Any explanation is g

    Simple equation

    Formulas Read the following instructions in order to complete this discussion, and review the example of how to complete the math required for this assignment: • Read about Cowling's Rule for child sized doses of medication (number 92 on page 119 of Elementary and Intermediate Algebra). • Solve parts (a) and (b) of the

    Polynomial Factorization

    Can someone explain why the first two answers are the same? Can a person do the foil to get them equal? Can we also try: (a^3 - b^3)=(a-b)(a^2+ab+b^2) (a^4-b^4)= (a-b)(a^3 + a^2b + ab^2 +b^3) Can we find a^n - b^n = (a-b)(...)?

    Scientific Notation Concept

    A computer can do one calculation in 1.4 x 10exponent -7. how long would it take the computer to do a trillion 10exponent 12 calculations round to one decimal place. Give the answer in scientific notation.

    APR calculation

    Eduardo has a balance of $3,265.96 on his credit card with an APR of 12.6%. His credit card requires a minimum monthly payment of 2% of the balance. If he transfers his balance to a credit card with an APR of 8.5% how of his first payment would be interest and how much would be applied to the principal?

    Basic Algebra - Quadratic Equations

    For 1-3 solve the equation using the square root property 1. (m+1)^2 = -1 2. (p-1)^2 = 12 3. (t+5)^2 = -18 For 4 & 5, find the value of n such that the expression is a perfect square trinomial, then factor it. 4. X^2 -9X+n 5. Z^2 -2/5z +n For 6-8, solve the equation by completing the square and applying the square root

    Solving the proportion in a real example

    Can someone please assist me with the attached and "setting up the proportions" as I am totally clueless at how to do this. So, what would the world be like if I was only one foot tall? "Proportion Setup" Please show me how to set-up and solve for these.

    Damped Driven Harmonic Oscillator in a Steady State

    In the limit as t goes to infinity the solution approaches x(t)=Ksin[ω(t-t0)] where K and t0 depend on ω (note: t0 = t subscript 0) I am attempting to show that K(ω) = 1/(ω^4-ω^2+1)^1/2 and failing My thoughts: I believe that at t=0. The only important part of the general solution to the original equation is the expo

    Method of Undermined coefficients

    I am working on the differential equation (dx^2)/(dt^2) + dx/dt + x =sin (ωt) I have found the general solution of m^2+m+1=0 which is x=e^(-1/2)t(Acos((sqrt3)/2)t+Bsin((sqrt3)/2)t I am looking for a particular integral that satisfies the differential equation so as to obtain the general solution I am finding great difficul

    Algebra: a Simple Interest Account

    Gina wants to invest a total of $30000 into two savings accounts, one paying 6% per year and the other paying 9% per year (more riskier) in interest. After 1 year she wants a total interest to be $2100. how much should she invest in both?

    solving inequality and equation

    a. Solve 0 < x + 5 less than or equal to 8 for x. Express your answer using a line graph and in interval notation. b. (5/3x-7) less than or equal to 2. c. Solve for x: | x - 1 | = 3 d. Sketch the graph of the function y = | x - 1 | and use your graph to indicate your solution of part c

    Analyzing the given pattern

    The winner of a school election is announced after school at 4:00 p.m. one student call 2 friends before 4:15 p.m., telling the name of the winner. Before 4:30 p.m., those 2 people call 2 more students and tells them the name of the winner. Before 4:45 p.m. each new student who has been notified call 2 more people telling them n

    Finding the x- and y-intercepts of a linear equation

    Find the x- and y-intercept of the linear equation 4x + 3y = 12. Write each intercept as an ordered pair. In the Cartesian or Rectangular coordinate system, which is the horizontal axis and which is the vertical axis? Explain what is meant by x- and y- intercept.

    Linear Algebra and Solving Systems of Linear Equations.

    1. Given the equation y+5 = -2(x-3). find the slope and a point on the line 2. Determine the equation of the line, in slope- intercept form that is parallel to 5x+4y = -3 and contains (-8,9) 3. Find the equation of the line through the point (-2,6) and perpendicular to y= (3/5)x -2 4. Use the graphing method to find

    Comparing two parking garage plans

    A downtown employee is looking for the best option for parking a car during an 8-hour workday. One parking garage offers unlimited parking at a $120 per month. Another garage offers an hourly rate of $2.50 for parking. Draw a graph comparing the two parking plans. Under what circumstances would the monthly plan be cheaper? Unde

    Solving for Quadratic Equations

    A step-by-step procedure is given for applying the quadratic formula to solve for x. The quadratic formula considered is as follows: x^2-x-6=0. In this example, the quadratic formula is presented accompanied by an explanation of the meaning for each term. The process is shown for assigning values to each element in the quadrat

    Word problem: Mixing Donuts

    A donut shop sells two kinds of donuts. Gourmet donuts sell for $4.15/dozen and regular donuts sell for $3.30/dozen. How many dozen of gourmet donuts must be mixed with 6 dozen of regular donuts to get a mixture that cost $3.90/dozen. I would need to round the answer to the tenths place since I couldn't buy a partial dozen. Pl

    Calculate the Distance of an Object

    An object is close to a light source - say at a distance of x meters. Another object B is at a distance of 2.3 times x meters from the same light source or in equation from distance to B from the light source = 2.3 (x meters). Question is how many times closer to the light source is object A compared to object B? Now, I know

    Polynomial Functions and Intermediate Value Theorem

    1. Use the intermediate value theorem to show that the polynomial function has a zero in the given interval. F(x)=x^5-x^4+7x^3-8x^2-16x+13; [1.3,1.7] Find value of f (1.3) ____ (simplify) Find value of f (1.7) ______ (simplify) 2. Information is given about the polynomial f(x) whose coefficients a

    Solving Inequality and Finding Zeros of Polynomials

    1. Solve the inequality algebraically 5x-3≥-2x2 The solution set is ____(interval notation) 2. Solve the following inequality 60x-64<60/x 3. List the potential rational zeros of the polynomial function. Do not attempt to find zeros. F(x)=11x^4-7x^3+x^2-x+1 4. Solve the equation in the real number system.

    Polynomial functions, complex zeros

    1. Form a polynomial f(x) with real coefficents having the given degree and zeros Degree 5; Zeros: 2; -i; -7+i Enter the polynomial f(x)=a(____) type expression using x as the variable. 2. Find a bound on the real zeros of the polynomial function. F(x)=x^4+x^3-4x-6 Every real zero of f lies between -____and ____ (its not