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Algebra: rational and real expressions

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Attached is a discussion paper, which had two expressions that needed to be solved. I wrote only a little about real numbers.

Of these numbers to the right, 2.5, 0, 1/3, -0.2121121112111..., 0.11111..., pi, 14, 14.28561,which is/are real? Can the numbers provided above also be applied in the same manner as my paper? Also, can a real number be negative? Explain the reasoning. Can you think of any numbers that are not real?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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Examples of real and complex numbers are given in the solution. Rational, integer and real numbers explained.

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Of these numbers to the right, 2.5, 0, 1/3, -0.2121121112111..., 0.11111..., pi, 14, 14.28561, which is/are real?
All these numbers you mentioned are real. That is because integers and rational numbers are also real. ...

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