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Basic Algebra

What is the process of factoring a trinomial?

In your own words, explain the process of factoring a trinomial with a leading coefficient that is not equal to one. Why is this process more difficult than when the leading coefficient is equal to one? Give an example.

Determine validity.

1. Construct a truth table for (p Λ q) → ~p. Be sure to include all intermediate steps in the table. 3. Construct a truth table for p ↔ (q V ~ p). Include all intermediate steps in the table. 4. Given p is true, q is true, and r is false, find the truth value of the statement ~q → (p V r). 5. Wr

Define a rational expression.

What constitutes a rational expression? Please give an example for reference. How would you explain this concept to someone unfamiliar with it?

Fencing area for a pet is solved.

Given, this partial equation, how do I complete it? Finding the width I used this equation - L= 2W + 2 I know my length is 10 feet. 10 = 2W + 2 10 -2 ft = 2W +2 - 2 8 = 2W 8/2 = 2W/2

Solve Problem

Solve the problem The volume (v) of a gas varies directly as the temperature (t) and inversely as the pressure (p). If v=56 when t=308 and p=22, find v when t = 270 and p=18. A. V=62 B. V=60 C. V=63 D. V=67 E. V=61

Completing Tables and Plotting Points on Separate Graphs

Part 1 - Online Calculator Go to This site requires no download. It allows you to copy and paste the answers from the calculator as well, which is a great feature when working on your projects. An alternate website is Let's practice using the calcula

Velocity and Time

A horseshoe is thrown upward from a initial height of 60 feet with a initial velocity of 40 feet per second. How long after the horseshoe is projected upward. 1. Will it be 20 feet from the ground? 2. will it strike the ground?

Find Stationary Points and Inflexions of a cubic polynomial

The problem looks at a general cubic polynomial, and calculates the conditions needed for exactly two stationary points to exist. It also finds the inflexion point. Consider the cubic polynomial (degree 3) given by, y=ax^3+bx^2+cx+d, where a is not equal to 0. (a) Find the condition on the constants a,b,c so that this f

Arc Trisection & Square A= Circle A Impossible Construction

Given: Define a geometric construction as an object that can be created using only a compass and a straightedge. Mathematicians have shown that it is not possible to: 1. Geometrically construct a square with an area equal to that of a given circle. 2. Use a geometric construction to trisect an arbitrary angle. The proo

Review inequalities faced by African Americans.

· Include whether you feel the author makes a valid claim or if you disagree, and why. · Locate and cite a peer-reviewed article that supports your position and address the following: o Identify the inequality discussed by the author and how it differs from other types. o Does this inequali

Solving algebraic equations.

A grandmother is looking for a plan to finance her new grandchild's college education. She has $25,000 to invest. Search the internet and locate a long-range investment plan, CD, Savings Bond, etc, for the grandmother. The plan is to earn compound interest. Calculate the future value of the investment. You must use the adverti

quadratic formula equation

51- Multiply 52- Use the quadratic formula to solve the equation 54- Find the x-intercepts for the graph of the equation (type an ordered pair) The x-intercepts are= 56- Subtract, simplify if possible 57- Factor completely 58- For the following equation state the value of the discriminant and then describe


Please help me with the attached algebra problems.

Finding the slope of a line is a fundamental skill for every user of mathematics.

Sometimes you need to find the slope of a line based on two given points. Sometimes you need to read a linear equation and determine the slope of a lone from the equation. This solution covers both of these cases and shows how to avoid errors, especially when determining the slope from two points. It also shows how to interpr

Proof with Maximum Modulus Principle

Expand the given sketch of a proof into a reasonably complete proof. It is suggested that the following proof be used: Maximum Modulus Principle: Let U be a non-empty open subset of the complex numbers C, let D(z0,r)={z є C: |z-z0| ≤ r} be a closed disk (with center z0 and radius r >0) that is entirely contained in U, le

Elementary Math dealing with Addition and Subtraction

Please help with the following problems. Category: Join (Subtypes: 1) Result Unknown, 2) Change Unknown, 3) Start Unknown): Problems: 1) Result Unknown: Amy has 5 marbles. Then Beth gave her 8 more marbles. How many marbles does Amy have now? 2) Change Unknown: Amy had 3 marbles. How many marbles does she need to h

Description of Algebra Questions

3) The profit function for Wannamaker Trophies is P(x) = -0.4x2 + fx - m, where f represents the design fee for a customer's awards and m represents the monthly officerent. Also, P represents the monthly profit in dollars of the small business where x is the number of awards designed in that month. a) If $60 is charged for a

Various Basic Algebra Problems: Solving for Variables and Slopes

See the attached file. Show all of your work. Circle your answer(s). Chapter 1 1. Simplify: -12 + 5 - (-4) - 6 2. Simplify:-22(-3)2(5) 3. Simplify: 5/6 - 2/3 - 8/9 4. Simplify: 31.24 - 8.12 + 1.07 5. Simplify: (.8)(-2.4)(-3.8) Chapter 2 6. Solve: -4 = x - 11 7. Solve: 8/15 = x + 2/5 8. Solve: -4/3y

Find the maximum area

Details: When John, decided to renovate his garage, he also wanted to attach it to his house. The only one wall that was available to achieve this was the kitchen wall. The contractor informed him that the area of his new garage will be limited by the cost of the materials he should buy. After some calculations, they decided

The impact today's technology may have on writing and written communication.

Social networks, email and cyberchat have added to the lexicon of English through "coining," blends, clips and replacement. Does this show the development of a pidgin or simply fashionable slang? Is written communication doomed to ever shorter shortcuts, at the expense of expression, or is the technology "additive" in nature, bu

Algebra Questions and FOIL Method

1. Use the FOIL method to find the product (6x^7-2)(x^8-4) 2.If a pro basketball player has a vertical leap of about 20 inches, what is his hang time? Use the hang time function V=48 T^2 ( Simply the answer. Type an integer or a decimal. Round to the nearest tenth) 3.Identify the degree of each term of the polynomia

The Degree of Operating Leverage

Grey Products has fixed operating costs of $380,000, variable operating costs of $16 per unit, and a selling price of $63.50 per unit. Please refer to the attached document for the required data. A) Calculate the operating break even point in units. B) Calculate the firm's EBIT at 9,000, 10,000, and 11,000 units, respect

simple calculus question

1. Evaluate the following limits. (a) lim x^2/(cos9x-cos5x) =_______ x->0 (b) lim x^(1/3) ln x =_______ x->0+ (c) lim ((1/ln x) - (1/x-1)) =_________ x->1+ (d) lim ((1 + (5/x))^(x/2) =__________ x->+infiniti

Specify a rational expression and Calculate the Headwind

. Well, here we are again with that English Channel, which appears to have repeated significance in flying firsts. Louis Bleriot, French aviator and inventor, was the first individual to successfully cross the English Channel in a motorized aircraft. On July 25, 1909, he flew his aircraft, called the Bleriot XI, a three cyli

Algebra Study Problem

ALGEBRA STUDY PROBLEM Global Warming: If the global climate were to warm significantly as a result of the greenhouse effect or other climatic change, the Arctic ice cap would start to melt. This ice cap contains the equivalent of some 680,000 cubic miles of water More than 200 million people live on land that is less than 3 f

Algebra Question: Boulders Dropped

All boulders and rocks (large enough not to be buffeted by air current) appear to take the same time to hit bottom. My conjecture, observes Galileo, leader of the team, is that there is a universal gravitational constant which affects all objects, large or small. Knowing, as he does, that if such a constant exists, call it g for

Paper Advise: Gender Inequality & Race Relations

I need to write a paper using the three theories: conflict theory, functionalism and interactionist theory and explain how I would begin to improve gender inequality and race relations in the United States. Explain which of the theories would be most useful in doing this and also which theory most useful to the people in power i