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    Social Inequality in the West and Open Societies

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    In regards to the Western context, is there a point at which the level of inequality becomes so great that it is detrimental for individuals trying to improve their situation and to the future of the society as a whole?

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    To answer this question, I think it would be best to first determine the kind of answer expected. I suggest an outline like this:

    1. Inequality in society - talk about how pervasive it is concurrently, 100 words.
    2. Define what an Open society is - about 50 words.
    3. Give your opinion, use a theory or concept (i.e. life chances), 100 words.


    Social inequality is a pervading theme across nations - in some, it is manageable in that social agencies and structures exist to help provide for the extremes in the gap, to allow for opportunities to be given to those at the lowest in the spectrum and to hold to account those who sit above the rest, either ...

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