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Basic Algebra


Buying a Home For most people, buying a house is a great investment that can offer security in an uncertain world, but buying a house is also a commitment. Application Practice Answer the following questions. Use Equation Editor to write mathematical expressions and equations. First, save this file to your hard drive b


1) A ball is hit into the air. Its height, s, at time t, is given by the equation s(t)=-16t^2+88t+3 . Determine the maximum height of the ball. Round to the nearest foot. _____feet 2)The maximum dosage of a drug that can be given to an individual is a function of the individual's weight. The following table gives the maximum

Algebra: Word Problems on Fencing

1)A rancher is going to construct a new rectangular pen for his emu farm. If he has 2600 feet of fencing, what is the maximum area of the pen? ____ft^2 2)A farmer is fencing a rectangular pen for his sheep using the straight portion of a river as one side of the rectangle. If the farmer has 1200 feet of fencing, find the d

Intermediate Algebra Practice Problems

Intermediate Algebra - Practice Problems 1. Simplify 2a+5a-(6a+8) 2. Clear fractions or decimals, solve, and check 1.7t +8-1.62t=0.4t-0.32+8 3. Divide and check (24x^6 + 18x^4 + 8x^3) ÷ (4x^3) 4. Factor completely. If a polynomial is prime, state this 4x^2 - 25 5. Solve x^2 + 2x - 35 =0 25y^2 + 16 = 0 2

Intermediate Algebra

Interest compounded continuously. Suppose that Po is invested in a savings account where interest is compounded continuously at 3.1% per year. a) Express P(t) in terms of Po and 0.031. b) Suppose that $1000 is invested. What is the balance after 1 yr? after 2 yr? c) When will an investment of $1000 double itself? 1.

Probability, Equations and Graphs

1. A mini license plate for a toy car must consist of a letter followed by two numbers. Each letter must be an S, U or N. Each number must be a 3 or 5. Repetition of digits is permitted. a. Use the counting principle to determine the number of points in the sample space. b. Construct a tree diagram to represent this equati


1. Solve: (x-1)^2=-49 2. Solve: t^2 + 10t + 26 = 0 3. Find the function given by the following equation: F(x) = 2x^2 + -12x + 23 4. Solve 2m^-2 + 7m^-1 - 15 = 0 5. Solve Solve. p^2 + p + 4 = 0

Applying Quadratic Formula

1. Solve by applying the Quadratic Formula; all radicals should be simplified as far as possible. Show your work. x2 + 4x + 13 = 0 2. 2. Use the discriminant to determine whether the following equations have solutions that are: two different rational solutions; two different irrational solutions; exactly one rational soluti

Step by step calculations for algebra problems

a. Section 2.1 Exercises: Problem 94 1 7 4 ——s + —— = ——s 3 9 3 b. Section 2.2 Exercises: Problem 80 5 ( x - 3 ) = - 15 c. Section 2.3 Exercises: Problem 50 - 4 - 5p = - 4p Problem62 4 - 5 (w + 2) = 2(w

Equation, linear inequality and slope

Define the term equation and then explain what it means to solve an equation. Give an example of an equation and its solution. Explain why it is the solution. Define the term linear inequality and then explain what it means to solve a linear inequality. Explain how the solution to the inequality 2x-5<25 differs from the solut

Multiple problems

Problems in math 209. 1. Solve for x. 2(x - 5) = 6x - 26 2.Solve the inequality for u. 14 < -4 - 2u 3. A total of 511 tickets were sold for the school play. There were 61 more student tickets sold than adult tickets. How many adult tickets were sold? 4. Graph the line. y = -3x + 3 5. Find the values

Evaluating Equations and Performing Operations

1. Miscellaneous Write the interval notation for the interval of real numbers shown in each graph. 2. Fractions,Decimals, and Percents Convert each given fraction, decimal, or percent into its other two forms. 19/20 3. Miscellaneous Perform the indicated operations. 15 + (-39) 4. Fill in the parentheses so that

Solving Quadratic Equations: Example Problems

1. Solve. Let f(x) = (x - 8)^2. Find x so that f(x) = 100. 2. Write a quadratic equation having the given numbers as solutions. 7, -4 3. Complete the square by filling in the two blanks so as to produce a true equation. x^2 + 8x + __ = (x + __)^2 x^2 + 8x + 64; (x+8)^2 x^2 + 8x + 16; (x+4)^2

I need help answering all these 4 questions

1) Consider the following nine integers: -4, -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 Which of these integers has an absolute value greater than 1? 2) Evaluate each expression using a=-1, b= 2, and c=-3. (a-c)(a+c) 3) Married filing jointly. The value of the expression 8440+0.25(x-61,300) is the 2006 federal income ta

Simplify expressions. Solve equations and inequalities.

1) A scuba driver at sea level descends 80 feet, rises 25 feet, descends 12 feet, and then rises 52 feet where he will do a safety stop for five minutes before surfacing. At what depth did he do his safety stop? For questions #2 and #3, please assume the following when solving the following expressions: a = 3 b = -5

Factoring a quadratic with leading coefficient greater than 1.

Factor the given quadratic equations. 3y^2+22y+24 3x^2-17x+22 5x^2+22x+8 Enclosed is an attachment with a sample of the type of explanation I'm getting, which I do not still understand after reviewing the explanation. The explanation seems very confusing. Please provide a more complete explanation that I can ea

3 word problems involving direct and inverse variations

1. A shipping company is shipping cargo by truckloads. The number of miles per gallon the truck averages goes down as the weight of each load goes up. What is the relationship between the miles per gallon and the weight of the trucks' loads(which variation describes the data)? Direct, Inverse, Direct as nth power, Joint o

Math: Quadratic Equations and Completing the Square

Please provide step by step calculations for the following problems. 1. x^2+5x-7=0 The solutions are______ No solutions______ 2. A. solve 4x+x(x-2)=0 B. Find the x-intercepts of f(x)=4x+x(x-2). A. What are the solutions_____? B. What are the x-intercepts_____ 3. Solve for x 4x^2=-21x-5 A

Identify the four properties of real numbers used in evaluating an expression

1. Identify the four properties of real numbers used in evaluating an expression. Explain why it is necessary to master the order of operations and the laws of operations before solving an equation. 2. Identify the three laws or properties. Of the three laws, which do you believe is used most frequently? And Why?

Evaluate Relations as a Function: Example Problems

Understanding Functions Determine whether each relation is a function. In addition, provide reasons for identifying a relation as a function. i. {(3, 4), (5, 9), (9, 9), (2, 3)} ii. {(0, 0), (0, 1), (1, 4), (2, 4)} iii. {(2, 1), (4, 5), (8, 4), (1, 0)} iv. {(8, 3), (8, 0), (7, 7), (4, 7)} Solve the Point-Slope Form

Linear Growth Models - population scenarios

Develop four different population scenarios for a town. As a group, you will decide on the name of the town and the initial population. You will graph the function for each population scenario and use your model to make some decisions about the population. 1) Decide on a name of a rural town. 2) Decide on an initial popula

Economic investment options

An investor is consider 4 different opportunities, A, B, C, or D. The payoff for each opportunity will depend on the economic conditions, represented in the payoff table below. Economic Condition Poor Average Good Excellent Inves


Is every row of matrix A adds up to zero, and x is a column vector of 1`s, what is Ax? How do you know that det(A)=0 ? Please see the attached file for the second section. Please work these problems in detail. Thank you!

Elementary & Intermediate Algebra

Chapter 2 of Elementary and Intermediate Algebra. I do not understand the questions below: 1.What is the difference between an equation and an expression? How does knowing how to simplify an expression help with solving an equation? 2.When is it all right to cross-multiply when solving an inequality, and what are the rul

Homework Problem

A marketing group developing online ad space is offering two payment options: Option 1: $210 set up fee plus $10/inch of the ad Option 2: No set up fee but $25/inch of the ad. Let x = inches of the proposed ad, for example, x = 2 for a column ad that is 2" long. a) Write a mathematical model representing the total ad cos

Rational and Irrational Numbers and Expressions

1. Classify each number below as a rational number or an irrational number: a) Square root of 64 b) 9 c) -41.4 d) 46.97 e) -3 sqaure root 2 f) 24+9*(15-13)/6 g) -(1-23/1)2/1-4.5 2. Evaluate the expression when a=-6 and b=4 . a-9b 3. Evaluate the expression for c=-4 c^2 + 7c - 5 4. Write an ineq

Exponential Function Amounts

1. A laptop computer is purchased for $1500. Its value each year is about 80% of its value in the preceding year. Its value in dollars after t years is given by the exponential function V(t) = 1500(0.8)^t. A)After what amount of time will the computer's value be $900? B)After what amount of time will the computer's value be