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Basic Algebra


1. Multiply (2-5x⁷)² =_____ 2. The base of a triangle is 4 cm greater than the height. The area is 30 cm². Find the height and length of the base. Height is ________cm Base is _________cm 3. (y²-7) (6y²-3y+5) =_______ 4. Find the greatest common factor (GCF) of 12x and 14x³ The GCF is_____________

Problem Solving

Guess how much money is in the sugar bowl. There are 7 nickels, but that's not all. There is less than a dollar. I can separate it into 6 piles with the same amount in each pile. I cannot make 7 piles with the same amount in each pile. I could trade my money for dimes and have nothing left over. If I had one more dime, I

MCQ on Loan Amortization: Example Problem

Loan amortization, which refers to determining equal annual loan payments, can be implemented by which of the following? a. Adding the loan amount by the interest factor for the present value of an annuity for the appropriate discount rate and number of years. b. Subtracting the loan amount by the interest factor for the

Recovering the Cell Probabilities of a 2-by-2 Contingency Table

A 2-by-2 contingency table is Control on one axis and Experimental on the other. Control and Experimental are further dichotomized as Event and Non-event. The odds ratio (OR), number needed to harm (NNH), and absolute risk increase (ARI) are functions of the cell probabilities of a 2-by-2 contingency table, and conversely, the c

College Algebra Questions

Math 209 College Mathematics II Quiz Instructions: Show work in order to receive partial credit. The number within parentheses represents the point value. There is a maximum of 60 points. The due date is Monday February 22, 2010 1. (4) Factor the following trinomial completely: 6x2 + 21x - 45. 2. (4) Evaluate the ratio

Average rate of bone growth

Please help with the following basic algebra problems. 1. Estimate the average rate of addition of bone on the diaphyseal surface of the tibia, in micrometers/year, as one grew to skeletal maturity. The tibia's present diameter is 2.5 cm, and assume its diameter was 0.8 cm at birth. Assume that the tibia's periosteal appos

Predicted population

129. Population of the United States. In 2006 the population of the United States was 300.2 million (U.S. Census Bureau, If the population continues to grow at an annual rate of 1.05%, then the population in the year 2020 will be 300.2(1.0105)14 million. a) Evaluate the expression to find the predicted popu

Solve the inequalities .

Solve the inequalities - Please Explain 1. 2. 3. 10< -t - 10 < 15 4. Solve the inequality. Give the result in interval notation. 6x + 3 < 9 or 3x − 10 > 5 5. If k 0, then |x| k is equivalent to 6. Solve the equation, if possible. (If it is not possible enter NONE.) x = (smaller value)

Solve Using Five-Step Problem-Solving Process

1. Solve using the five-step problem-solving process. Show all steps necessary to arrive at your solution. A rectangular walkway is 18 feet longer than it is wide. If the area of the walkway is 88 square feet, find the length and the width. 2. Solve using the five-step problem-solving process. Show all steps necessary to a

Alegbra help

1. Determine whether the given numbers are solutions of the inequality. 7,-11,-9,-3 y-8>2y-2 Is 7, -11,-19, or -3 a solution? 2. Write the set {x | x &#8805; -3} in interval notation. Choose the correct interval. A. [-3, &#8734;) B. (-&#8734;, -3] C. (-3, &#8734;) D. (-&#8734;, -3) 3. Write interval notation for

Various Algebra Problems to Solve

Can you give me the step by step solutions for the following problems? 14. A die is tossed 120 times. Find the probability of getting the following results. Fewer than twenty-two 6's 18. A company is taking a survey to find out whether people like its product. Their last survey indicated that 70% of the population like

Solving for Distance and Measurements

1. Solve using the five-step problem-solving process. Show all steps necessary to arrive at your solution. A 4-ft by 6-ft picnic table is placed on an outdoor patio measuring x ft by (x + 2) ft. Find a polynomial for the remaining open space on the patio (in square feet). 2. Solve using the five-step problem-solving proc

Need some help on these problems

1. (4) Evaluate the polynomial for the indicated value of the variable. -4x3 + 2x2 + 5x - 7 when x = -2 2. (4) Total profit is defined as total revenue minus total cost. Below R(x) and C(x) represent the revenue and cost, respectively, from the sale of x futons. R(x) = 280x - 0.7x2 an

List of Supplementary Resources for Algebra, APA (5th ed.) citations

Choose one content area and specific subject for example (Algebra, Math). Research one periodical, two trade books, two Internet sites, one software or multimedia program, and one primary source that would enhance instruction in this content area and subject. Can someone help me come find one periodical, two trade books, tw

Monthly mortgage payments

John is purchasing a house for $100,000, seeking a mortgage loan for $80,000 or 80% loan to cost. He was offered a loan of at 6% fixed for 30 years. What will Johns monthly payment be? What is the mortgage constant? 5 years later they have a divorce. As part of the settlement they mutually agree to sell the property and pa

Adjustable Rate Mortgage

Please help with the following problem. Kris and Chris are purchasing a home for $100,000. they are seeking a mortgage loan for $80,000 or 80% loan to cost. The bank offered them an ARM mortgage starting at 6% for the first year, the rate adjusts every year thereafter, and is amortized using a 30 year schedule. After 1 ye


I understand that X^6 - 22X^3 + 49 = 0 is the right polynomial for which (3 + 2^(1/2))^(2/3) is a solution. What I don't understand is how to get that polynomial because I keep getting x^3 - 6x^(2/3) + 7 = 0 and I know it is wrong. It just so happens that I know the correct polynomial is X^6 - 22X^3 + 49 = 0 but I need to know

Algebra- Practice Problems

File Attached A. Solve using the five-step problem-solving process. Familiarize, Translate, Carry Out, Check, State Show all steps necessary to arrive at your solution. 1. A square support unit in a television is made with a side measuring 5 centimeters. A new model being designed for the upcoming year will have a large

smallest possible value of n

1. if j, k, and t represent whole numbers, and n = 5j^2=3k^3=2t. What is the smallest possible value of n when n > 0? 2. Tex and Roy are going from Deadwood to Dodge City, but they have only one horse. They know that there are some equally spaced water holes between the towns, so they agree on this scheme: They w

Solve for domain. Solve for x in log and ln function

1. Given that f(x) = sqrt(3x+6) and g(x) = x-4/x, find the following functions and express their domains in interval notation. a) (f+g)(x)=________, its domain is _______ b) (f/g)(x)=_______, its domain is _______ c) (g/f)(x)=_______, its domain is _______ d) (f &#9675; g)(x)=_______, its domain is_______ 2. Solve the f

Algebriac mixed word problems

For the systems of linear equations in questions 1-3 - Determine how many solutions exist - Use either elimination or substitution to find the solutions (if any) - Graph the two lines, labeling the x-intercepts, y-intercepts, and points of intersection 1. 4x = 8 and 5y = 15 2. 0.2x + 0.4y = 1.7 and 8.3x - 6.3y

Demand for pools assignment

Demand for pools. Tropical Pools sells an aboveground model for p dollars each. The monthly revenue for this model is given by the formula R(p) = -0.08 p2 + 300p. Revenue is the product of the price p and the demand (quantity sold). a) Factor out the price on the right-hand side of the formula. b) Write a formula D

Solving Algebra Math Problems

1. Solve using the five-step problem solving process. Show all steps necessary to arrive at your solution. Express the answer in scientific notation to three decimal places. If the distance from the earth to the sun were 92,900,000 miles, how long would it take a rocket, traveling at 2.8×10^3 miles per hour, to reach the su

Introductory and Intermediate Algebra Problems

1. The mass of Earth is about 6 x 10^21 metric tons. The mass of the sun is about 1.998 x 10^27 metric tons. About how many times the mass of Earth is the mass of the sun? Express the answer in scientific notation. 2. The perimeter P of a square of side x is given by the polynomial equation: P=4x. A baseball diamond is a squ

Properties of inequalities/solving inequalities and equations

Topic 1: Properties of Inequalities We have two variables A and X. The value of X is less than the value of A Discuss without using any specific numbers, how we can prove that the value of ( -X) is greater than the value of( -A). Do not use any numerical examples. Keep in mind that A or X could be any numerical va

Simplifying Rational Expression Factors

Week 4 Assignment 3: Mixed Problems By Day 4 complete and submit your answers to the facilitator; please show all necessary work. By Day 5 post your answers in the appropriate thread for review and comments from others. For the questions 1-7, simplify the following algebraic expressions: 1. (4 points) 2. (2 po

Inner Product Spaces; Best Approximation; Least Squares

Please find the least squares solution of linear system Ax=b, and find the orthogonal projection of b onto the column space of A. I) Matrix 3*2 A=[1 1;-1 1;-1 2] , b=[7;0;7] II) A=[2 0 -1;1 -2 2;2 -1 0;0 1 -1] , b=[0;6;0;6] Answers: I) x1=5, x2=1/2, [11/2;-9/2;-4] II) x1=14, x2=30, x3=26; [2;6;-2;4] Find the ortho

Solving Example Algebra Word Problems

1.Solve using the five-step problem-solving process. Show all steps necessary to arrive at your solution. The sum of the page numbers on the facing pages of a book is 285. Find the larger page number. 2. Solve using the five-step problem-solving process. Show all steps necessary to arrive at your solution. The second an

Mathematics Help: Factoring Polynomials

See the attached file. Find the prime factorization of this number. 72 Factor out the greatest common factor. b^3 - 52b^2 Factor this expression. (q + r)c + (q + r)d Factor this expression. 6(c - d) - a(c - d) Factor this expression completely. You may have to rearrange some terms first. ar^2 - 70brs

Solving quadratic/cubic equation

57 An equation of the form ax2 + bx + c, where a 0, is called a equation. Solve the equation. (x - 1)(x - 3) = 0 x = (smaller value) x = (larger value) Solve the equation. x2 + 38x = 0 x = (smaller value) x = (larger value) Solve the equation. x2 - 23x = 0 x = (smaller value) x =