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Basic Algebra

Discussion Board Presentation using powerpoint slides using functins and graphs

Using one of the graphs to desplay an example of a powerpoint slide presention: the constant function, the linear function, the quadratic or squared function, the cubic function, the square root function, and the absolute value function. Using one of the example graphs you created for the group project/individual portion, create

Please solve these questions by full explanations (Please see attached file).

Evaluate the expression... The total profit (in dollars) for sales of x lawnmowers in a given month is given by P(x) = -0.2x^2 + 300x - 200. How many lawnmowers need to be sold to produce maximum profit? What is the maximum profit? Do you think profit, revenue, and cost functions in the business world are represent

PowerPoint Presentation on a rational function graph on a discussion board

In addition to the basic graph, programmers and game designers also need a resource to help them understand, analyze, and graph rational functions that frequently come up in their games designs. First, pick a rational function and graph it. for example, y = 1/x is a rational function. The graph looks like one seen in the foll

The company you have choosen to handle the transaction has estimated the average number of new customers reached per spot announcement to be 1,500 for radio and 500 for newspaper.

Having trouble formulating. The company you have choosen to handle the transaction has estimated the average number of new customers reached per spot announcement to be 1,500 for radio and 500 for newspaper. The price for each spot announcement is $500 for radio and $200 for newspaper. The customer wants a total of 45,000 cust

Binomial Distribution

A businessman has an important meeting to attend, but he is running a little late. He can take one route to work that has six stoplights or another, longer route that has two stoplights. He figures that if he stops at more than half of the lights on either route, he will be late for the meeting. Assume independence, and assume t

Type Pythagorean theorem as a^2 +b^2 = c^2

Assignment Detail MTH133-0902B-32 College Algebra Assignment Name: Unit 2 Discussion Board Deliverable Length: 2-3 paragraphs Details: Library Assignment Measure the height of your computer monitor to the nearest tenth of a centimeter or sixteenth of an inch. Measure the width of your monitor as well. Use the Py

Algebra and Geometry Notation

MAT115 Solve all problems and attach your solutions Remember to show all steps and check your work carefully. Problem Remember to simplify all answers Solutions 1 Name the property that is illustrated. a) 7  6  6  7 b) 7  (1  9)  (7 1)  9 2 Give the place value for the indicated dig

Algebra : Solving Equations for Word Problems

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. 94. Area of painting. A rectangular painting with a width of x centimeters has an area of x2 + 50x square centimeters. Find a binomial that represents the length. See the accompanying figure. 96. Amount of an investment of P dollars for t years at simple inte

Expressions, equations, and inequalities

See attached file State all answers in standard equation format, interval notation, or solution set notation unless otherwise instructed by the problem statement. Also, show the step-by-step process you used to solve the problems. Simplify the following expression: 0.7(x + 1) - (x - 2) Mary loves to skip rope.

Algebra problems

5.5 factor each polynomial completely 81 - q^4 Section 6 Reducing radical expressions EX 104) EX 22) Ex 88) 88. Traveling time. After leaving Moose Jaw, Hanson drove 200 kilometers at x km/hr and then decreased his speed by 20 km/hr and drove 240 additional kilometers. Make a table like the one

Discrete math problems - theorem

In basic algebra the following Theorem is used frequently. If x,y and z are any three real numbers and if x + z = y + z then x = y. The analogous statement for sets would read: Let A, B, and C be any three sets. If A union B = A union C then B = C. Prove in detail that this statement is false. (Hint: Giv

Basic Algebra Problems

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. Problems Show work Evaluate A) 14  B) C) 14 D) 14 Place the following set of numbers in ascending order. A) B) C) D) Find the five-number summary of the following set of numbers. 0.16, 0.08, 0.27,


0.123 as a percentage 6.8% as a decimal rational-irrational 17x -75. 12 2.32 Commutative property associative property additive Identity Property additive Inverse Property 7+ (8+y) = (8+y) + 7 (8+a) + 5 = 8 + (a+5) 4+0=4 Solve for u 194-u=292 Solve for x -5/7x=15 Solve for t 2t + 11

Basic Algebra Problems

1. Express 775% as a decimal. 775% is 775/100=7.75 A) 775 B) 77,500 C) 77.5 D) 7.75 2. Evaluate. | -7 | + | 13 | | -7 | + | 13 |=7+13=20 A) 20 B) -20 C) 6 D) -6 3. Evaluate. 81 ÷ 9 - 16 ÷ 8 81 ÷ 9 - 16 ÷ 8 A) 7 B) 9 C) 6 D) 8 4. Express 9.41 as a percent. 9.4

9 Simple algebra problems

See attached file Problems I need help with: Show work Place in ascending order: - - Evaluate: |4|+|-3| |9|-|-4| Add: 7+(-9)+(-5)+6 Evaluate: |-27+14| Label as true or false: |-8|+|3|=|-8+3| Jean deposited a check for $625, wrote 2 for $68.74 and $29.95 and used her debit card to pay for a purch

Word problems about formulas and rates

(1) If Ramon can mow the entire lawn in x -3 hours, then how much of the lawn does he mow per hour? (2) Toxic pollutants. The annual cost in dollars for removing p% of the toxic chemicals from a town's water supply is given by the formula C(p) =500, 000/100-p a) Use the accompanying graph to estimate the cost f

Interest and Logs

Please show work 74). Find the present value of $45,000 if interest is 3.6% compounded monthly for 1 year. 72). Write each expression as a single logarithm with coefficient Assume all variables represent positive real numbers. 82). Given and . Find each logarithm without using a calculator.

Statements, Logical Connectives and Truth tables.

Here are some questions from a study packet for my final. I would like solutions and explanations so that I may practice before my big test. Thanks! 1. Write a simple sentence and then write the negation. Imagine situations where each statement is true or false. How does the truth value (true or false) of the negation state

Basic Math-- Algebra & Geometry

I desperately need help in solving these problems. I have attached MS Word Document, please help me step by step (show the work so I can understand it better for next time). Thank You Very Much!! ---------------------- ***Please see the attached file.*** ---------------------- 1. A restaurant has 7 booths and 16

Basic Algebra

1. Write the ratio 5 to 9 as a fraction. 2. Are the following two lines parallel, perpendicular, or neither? A) Parallel B) Perpendicular C) Neither 3. Complete the following statement. 8,000 lb = ________ tons A) 3 B) 4 C) 5 D) 6 4. Write the ratio of to 6 in s

Simplifying Expressions

Decide if the algebraic manipulation is correct or incorrect. If incorrect, either correct it or explain why the expression cannot be simplified.

Radical Expressions,Equations,Quadratic Formula

Objectives Radical Expressions, Radical Equations, and the Quadratic Formula ? Simplify radical expressions. ? Perform operations with radical expressions. ? Solve radical equations. ? Solve a quadratic equation using the quadratic formula. ? Determine the number of solutions for a quadratic equation by using the discri

Measures of Central Tendency

This Discussion will give students the opportunity to calculate or identify the three measures of central tendency. Select an appropriate real life situation where one measure would be more appropriate than the other two measures of center. a.Select a common topic or hypothesis and record the topic in your posting. "Wha


The assignment is posted as an attachment Math Assignments Part 1 1. Use the Microsoft® Excel graphing tool to graph the inequalities. Shade the area that represents the solution to the each inequality. 1) y &#8805; 5x + 2 2) y < -3x + 1 3) 2x - 6y

Graphs, Tables and Solving Quadratic Equations

Math Assignments 2 1. 17 weekly low temperatures, in degrees Fahrenheit, were recorded during the months of February, March, April and May for a certain city. Using the Table function of Microsoft® Word, make a stem and leaf plot of the following data. Temperatures: 15, 20, 27, 22, 28, 24, 30, 35, 38, 36, 44, 47, 42, 49

Math problems

Please show work Please show work 20. Give the focus, directix, and axis for each parabola. 36. Write an equation for each parabola with vertex at the origin. Through (-2, ), opening left 38. Write an equation for each parabola with vertex at the origin. Through (2,-4), symmetric with respe

College Algebra

Please show work on problems attached. 14. Solve each system by substitution. 24. Solve each system by elimination. 32. Solve each system. State whether inconsistent or has infinitely many solutions. If the system has infinitely many solutions, write the solution set with y arbitrary. 34. Solve