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quadratic formula

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51- Multiply

52- Use the quadratic formula to solve the equation

54- Find the x-intercepts for the graph of the equation (type an ordered pair)

The x-intercepts are=
56- Subtract, simplify if possible

57- Factor completely

58- For the following equation state the value of the discriminant and then describe the nature of the solutions.

Does the equation have 2 real solutions, to imaginary solutions, or one real solution?
59- A. Solve:

B. Find the x- intercepts of:

A. What are the solutions:

B. What are the x-intercepts:
60- Subtract, simplify by collecting like radical terms if possible

61- Rationalize the denominator; assume that all expressions under radicals represent positive numbers.

63- Factor

64- Simplify, assume all expressions under radicals represent positive numbers.

31- If the sides of a square are lengthened by 8 cm, the area becomes 289 cm ^2. Find the length of a side of the original square.
= cm
29- Solve:

28- Multiply

22- Solve:

19- Write a quadratic equation in the variable x having the given numbers as solutions. Type the equation in standard form, ax^2+bx+c=0
Solution 5, only solution
The equation is =0
15- Find all numbers for which the rational expression is undefined

55- Rewrite the rational exponent

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This solution clearly assesses the quadratic formula to solve the equation.

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