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3) The profit function for Wannamaker Trophies is P(x) = -0.4x2 + fx - m, where f represents the design fee for a customer's awards and m represents the monthly officerent. Also, P represents the monthly profit in dollars of the small business where x is the number of awards designed in that month.

a) If $60 is charged for a design fee, and the monthly studio rent is $1,500; write an equation for the profit, P, in terms of x.
Typing hint: Type x-squared as x^2

b) How much is the profit when 50 award designs are sold in a month?
Show your work here:

c) How many award designs must be sold in order to maximize the profit? Show your work algebraically. Trial and error is not an appropriate method of solution. Use methods taught in class.
Show your work here:

d) What is the maximum profit?
Show your work here:

4) Graph the equation on the graph by completing the table and plotting the points. You may use Excel or another web-based graphing utility.

a) y = x2 รข?" 4x
Use the values of x provided in the table to find the y values. Show your work.
x y

b) Place your graph here. For help on creating your graph in Excel and inserting graphs into a Word Doc please see the tutorial in the Assignment List.

c) Determine the two x-intercepts and the vertex in (x,y) form and explain how you found these ordered pairs in a sentence.

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