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Basic Algebra


In exercise 53-56, begin by graphing f(x) = log2 x. Then use transformations of this graph to graph the given function. What is the vertical asymptote? Use the graphs to determine each function's domain and range. 56. h(x) = 2 + log2 x The figure show the graph of f(x) = log x. In exercises 59-64, use transformations o

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

Solve for solutions: The exponential models describe the population of the indicated country, A, in millions, t years after 2003. Use these models to solve 2,4 and 6. India A = 1049.7e^0.015t Iraq A = 24.7e^0.028t Japan A = 127.2e^0.001t Russia A = 144.5e^- O.004t 2. What was the population

Maths revision help needed

The catalogue description of a parituclar type of square tile .... Each edge of a large cubic sand box measures ... On a walk, I averaged ... (Revision Question attatched as image, please help me to understand the process to arrive at the answers)

Algebra - Developing and Solving Problems

Harry has $2.25 in Nickels, Dimes and quarters. If he had twice as many nicels, half as many dimes .... The sume of the digits of a three digit number is 11. If the digits are reversed ... Find the Vertex, Focus and ... Find the equation of the parabola .... Write each equation in the form ... Find the Vertex, Foc

Algebra word problems

Supplementary angles are angles whose measures have a sum of 180degrees. Complementary angles are angles whose measures have the sum of 90 degrees. Find the measure of an angle whose supplement is 10 degrees more than twice it's complement. Let 90- x equal the degree measure of it's complement and 180 -x equal the degree measure

Please help with word problem and equation

1) Traditionally nails manes 2-penny, 3 penny and so on. These names describe the lengths of the nails. Use the diagram to find the name of a nail that is 2 1/2 inches long. x-penny nail nail length = 1+1/4 (x-2) 2) 3/2y-y =4+1/2y


1. Express in terms of i: -sqrt(-297) 2. Rewrite with positive exponents. Assume that even roots are of nonnegative quantities and that all denominators are nonzero. 8-1/3ax-7/8z^8 3. Simplify. Assume that no radicals were formed by raising negative numbers to even powers. sqrt(20)k^7q^8 4. Simplify: (-3a^2


1. A square plywood platform has a perimeter which is 9 times the length of a side, decreased by 15. Find the length of a side. 2. One side of a rectangle is 12 inches and the other side is x inches. What values of x will make the perimeter at most 44? 3. The equation y = 0.004x - 0.40 can be used to determine the approx

Solving Simultaneous Equations by Substitution Method

Solve each system of equations by substitution method. Show work by step by step solutions. 1) x + 3y = 2 3x + 9y = 6 2) 4x - 2y = 2 2x - y = 1 3) x/4 - y/4 = -1 x + 4y = -9 4) x/6 - y/2 = 1/3 x + 2y = -3 5) 2x = 3y + 4 4x = 3 - 5y 6) 4x = 3y + 8 2x = -

Complete each ordered pair so that it satisfies the given equation. 1---- y = 2x + 5: (8, ), (-1, ), ( ,-1) Use the given equations to find the missing coordinates in the following tables. 2------ y= -x+4 X Y -2 0 2 0 -2 3-------------Graph each equation. Plot at least five points for each equation. x - 2y = 6 4--------------find the slope of each line. 5--------------- 6---------------Graph the line with the given point and slope. The line through (-2, 5) with slope -1 7--------------- Draw l1 through (-4, 0) and (0, 6). What is the slope of any line parallel to l1? Draw l2 through the origin and parallel to l1. 8-----------------Write an equation for each line. Use slope-intercept form if possible. 9------------ 10-------------Find the slope and y-intercept for each line that has a slope and y-intercept. X+2y=3 11----------- Y+4x=8 12----------determine whether the lines are parallel, perpendicular, or neither. Y=x+7 Y=-x+2 13------------Write each equation in slope-intercept form. Y+3=-3(x-6) 14------------Find the equation of the line that goes through the given point and has the given slope. (-1, -5), -8 15-------¬Find the equation of each line. Write each answer in slope intercept form. The line is parallel to -3x + 2y = 9 and contains the point (-2, 1). 16------------Find the equation of each line in the form y = mx + b if possible. The line through (3, 2) with undefined slope 17----------------Write a formula that expresses the relationship described by each statement. Use k for the constant in each case. m varies directly as p. 18------------ Write a formula that expresses the relationship described by each statement. Use k for the constant in each case. u varies inversely as n. 19-----------------Find the variation constant, and write a formula that expresses the indicated variation. c varies inversely as d, and c = 5 when d = 2. 20-------------------- Solve each variation problem n varies directly as q, and n = 39 when q = 3. Find n when q = 8.

Complete each ordered pair so that it satisfies the given equation. 1---- y = 2x + 5: (8, ), (-1, ), ( ,-1) Use the given equations to find the missing coordinates in the following tables. 2------ y= -x+4 X Y -2 0 2 0 -2 3-------------Graph each equation. Plot at least five points for each equation.

Time Card & Net Pay Calculation

Practice Questions Complete the following time card. Janice earns time and a half overtime when she works more than eight hours on a weekday or on Saturday. She earns double time on Sundays and holidays. Calculate Janice's net pay if she earns $9.75 per hour, is married, and claims one withholding allowance. Challenge Proble

Solving Quadratic Equations and Substitutions

1. An interesting method for solving quadratic equations came from India. The steps are: (a) Move the constant term to the right side of the equation (b) Multiply each term in the equation by four times the coefficient of the x2 term (c) Square the coefficient of the original x term and add it to both sides of the equation (d)

Factor out the common factor

Factor out the common factor. (5x - 2)2 + (5x - 2) Completely factor the expression. x4 - 3x3 + x2 - 3x Write the rational expression in simplest form. 4x2y xy - y Write the rational expression in simplest form. 9x2 + 9x 8x + 8 Write the rational expression in simplest form. x2 - 9 3 - x

Several algebra problems

2. 3. 4. Find the coordinates of the x-intercept. 2x + y = -6 (-6, 0) (0, -3) (0, -6) (-3, 0) 5. 6. Janet invested $26,000, part at 6% and part at 3%. If the total interest at the end of the year is $1,080, how much did she invest at 6%? $11,000 $10,0

Mathematics - Algebra - Word Problem

You are a high school math teacher and are introducing matrices to the classroom next week. It is very important to you to make a connection between the real world and this topic, so you decide to research in which applications matrices are used. To your surprise, you find several very useful applications, such as decoding and e

Math Problem:

I have a customer that is purchasing purchasing a item packed 6,0000 per case @ 19.00 per case. they are buying 281,000 cases per year. I would like to sell them our new items that is packed 10,800 per case. 1. How many cases would be new items reduce their inventory by 2. If I sold the new item for $32.00, how

Algebra - Equations and Matrices

See Attached Exercise 5.5 25. Supply and Demand The supply function for a product is given by p=q²+2q+122 and the demand function for this product is p=650-30q, where p is the price in dollars and q is the number of hundreds of units. Find the price that gives market equilibrium and the equilibrium quantity. 29. Break-Ev

Cumulative Equation Problems

Ch. 10 Cumulative Problems 1) solve (X - 4)2 = 3 2) solve 5 (X - 2)2 = 3 3) solve - 9 (X - 3)2 = - 7 4) solve by completing the square 2 X2 - 8 X - 9 = 0 5) solve by completing the square 4 X2 + 2 X - 3 = 0 6) solve by using the quadratic formula 4 X2 - 3 X + 3 = 0 7) solve by using the quadratic formula 5

Functions & Graphs Your mission is to find real-world data for company sales, a stock price, biological growth, or some sociological trend ... A printer has a contract to print 100,000 invitations for a political candidate. He can run the invitations by using any...

Functions & Graphs Group Activity #3 Modeling Your mission is to find real-world data for company sales, a stock price, biological growth, or some sociological trend over a period of years that fits an exponential, logistic, or logarithmic function. To do this, you can look at a statistical graph called a histogram which d

Algebra - Solving Polynomial & Rational Functions

Exercise 4.5 27. Advertising and Sale The monthly sales volume y (in thousand of dollars) of a product is related to monthly advertising expenditures x (in thousands of dollars) according to the equation. Y= 400x x+20 a. What monthly sales will result if $50

Mathematics - Polynomial & Rational Functions

Exercise 4.1 29. Daily Revenue The daily revenue from the sale of a product is given by R = -0.1x³ + 11x² - 100x dollars, where x is the number of units sold. a. Graph this function on the window [-100,100] by [-5000, 25,000]. How many turning points do you see? b. Because x represents the number of units sold, what restric

Mathematics - Exponential & Logarithmic Functions

Please resend the solutions below. Exercise 3.4 (from posting 267232, was missing the table, so was unable to get the solution) 23. Life Span The table below gives the life expectancy for the people in the United State for the birth years 1910-1998. a. Find the logarithmic function that models these data, with x equal

Algebra - Solving exponential & logarithmic functions

Exercise 3.1 25 Continuous Compounding If $8000 is invested for t years at 8% interest compounded continuously, the future value is given by S=8000e0.08t dollars. a. Graph this function for 0< t < 15. b. Use the graph to estimate when the future value will be $20,000. 27. Radioactive Decay The amount of radioactive isotope


Determine the name of each race, the full name of each winner (Sam is a man), and the age of each winner. 1. The 5 mile race and the 1 mile trail were both won by women. The 63 year old did not win the wheelchair roundabout. Susans last name was not West. 2. The sack sprint was won by the 16 year old. Mr. Panda who wa

Slope Intercept and Line Equations

Write equation in slope-intercept form: y+3= -3(x-6) Find equation of line that goes through the given point and has given slope. Answer in slope intercept form: (-1,-5), -8 Find equation of line. write answer in slope intercept form. "The line is parallel to -3x + 2y=9 and contains the point (-2,1) Find the equ

Functions of Two Projectiles

Exercise 2.5 15. Cell Phones The following table gives the number of millions of U.S. cellular telephone subscribers. a. Create a scatter plot for the data with x equal to the number of years from 1985. Does it appear that the data could be modeled with a quadratic function? b. Find the quadratic function that is the best fi

Mechanical Solution on Weber Model

6) You need to locate a helicopter service to serve the following locations in Alaska. The average number of trips per month follows the "map." Locate the service to minimize the over all flying miles per month. Each grid mark represents 10 miles. Trips to A will be 2