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Basic Algebra

Proportions and word problems

83. Filling the tank. Chantal filled her empty gas tank in x minutes. a) Write a rational expression for the rate at which she filled her tank. b) Write a rational expression for the portion of the tank that is filled in 2 minutes. Solve the equation 59. 4/c-2 - ½-c + 25/c+6 Use a proportion to solve each problem. 47

Equations and graphing

See attached For problems 1 - 7, simplify the following expressions.: Problems 8 - 11: Solve each equation. 12. Solve the inequality and express the solution in interval notation.: 2(x - 4) < 3x + 8 Problems 13 - 18, Solve each system by the algebraic method of your choice (either substitution or addi

Who should study algebra?

Should algebra be taught to everyone? Who should study algebra? The statements below serve as possible answers to these questions and are only 'food for thought.' I welcome your constructive ideas and comments on one or several of them. Whether you agree or do not agree, the study of algebra is good for the brain. The b

Inequalities and functions solving by elimination and substitution

I'm studying and I need to check these answers against mine. Thank you for your help. Inequalities and functions... 1. 5 x + 4y=8 2. 75 + 6 9 3. Distribute: 8(w-3) = -24 4. Find the value of x: 8x - (5x+6)=3 5. Solve by elimination method: what is the solution? 5x + 6y = 2 10x + 12y = 4 6. Solve by substitution

Simplifying and Combining Algebraic Terms

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. 1. Simplify - 5 (7 - 2 ) - 3(4 - 7 ) - 13 - (-5 ) or in linear form [ - 5 (7 - 2 ) - 3(4 - 7 ) ] / [ - 13 - (-5 ) ] ___________________________________________________________________ 2. Simplify 7 - 2(14x - 2y) + 4( x -

Road Runner Club Algebra

A member of the Road Runner Club likes to exercise every day by walking and jogging at least 3 miles. She walks at a rate of 4 mph and jogs at a rate of 8 mph. With only half an hour to exercise, how much time can she spend walking and jogging and cover at least 3 miles? a) Give 3 possible solutions.

Equations and graphing problems

1.The equation y= -1777x+25,153 can be used to predict the number y of gun deaths in The United States x years after 2000, that is, x=0 corresponds to 2000, x=2 corresponds to 2002, x=4 corresponds to 2004, And so on. Predict the number of gun death in 2004 and 2005. In what year will the number of gun death be 11,160? The

Basic Algebra and Word Problems

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. 1. 5/12+7/8= 2. ?7/6 3. -44-22= 4-(-10)= 4. 7*-3/2*-1/9 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Solve for t 224=106-t 10. Solve for y 6=-3/2y 11. Distributive property 9(x+9) 12. 3s-12=45 13. Solve for w 4w-8=-12 14. Solve for y 2(y+6)-8y=-30 15. Solve f

Applications of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

Part1: Using the library,web resourses,and other materials, find the hydrogen ion concentration,[H+], of the substance using the formula. Discuss the meaning of pH and [H+], the pH scale and why your chosen substance is acidic. Use scientific notion or enough decimal places so that your answer has at least 3 place values. For e

Algebra - Fractions, Decimals and Areas

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. Gasoline is about $4 per gal. You use about gallons each day driving to and from work. How much should you budget for gas over the next month (about 20 workdays)? Find the least common multiple of 10, 15, and 25. A) 150 B) 3,750 C) 50 D) 30 Add.

Evaluating Expressions with Absolute Values

Place each of the following sets in ascending order. 16. Evaluate. 32. 44. Add 40. 48. Evaluate each of the following expressions 58. Label each of the following statements as true or false. 66. 72. Business and finance. Jean deposited a check for $625, wrote two for $68.74 and $29.95 and used

Conducting Regression Analysis in Minitab

Background: I have data set for two litter sites "C" and site D. Around 90 litter bags filled at site C, mass of each bag were same initially, after time 0.246 years masses of 45 bags were noted and after .493 years masses of another 45 bags noted. Similar exercise done at another site"D". The negative exponential model of

Equations and Inequalities Model Situations

You are planning on applying for a job with ABC Advertising. Many business decisions are based on unknown quantities, known as variables, encountered in business, economics, and social science. Thus, before the interview, you want to brush up on your knowledge of linear equations and linear inequalities. Complete the following.

Mathematics - Functions : Transformations and Inverses

1. Given f(x)= 4x-7, g(x)= 2x - x2, and G(x)= 3/x/+2, find f(-1) + g(3) 2. Determine if the equation y2= x2 defines y as a function of x. Justify your answer 3. Sketch by hand a graph of a function f that is decreasing on [-4,2], constant on [-2,1], and increasing on [1,2] 4. The volume of a right circular cone is given

Equations and lines

1. find the slope-intercept equation of the line that has the given characteristics. slope 6 and y- intercept (0,3) The slope- intercept equation is y= 2. Find the slope- intercept equation of the line that has the given characteristics. Slope 8.8 and y-intercept (0,-4) The slope -intercept equation= . (Use integers or

Graphing and Solving Equations and Inequalities

1) Solve the following algebraically. Trial and error is not an appropriate method of solution. You must show all of your work: a) 2x + 5 = 9 Answer: x=2 Show your work here: 2x=9-5 X=4/2 X=2 b) Answer: x=-3 Show you

Vertex, Asymptotes and Intercepts of Quadratic Equations

D) The value of f(x) = 12 is a) minimum b) maximum 5) Find the x-intercepts and the y-intercepts a) The x-coordinates of the intercepts are x=??? b) The y intercepts is ??? 6) Find and label the vertex and line of the symmetry. a) The vertex is ??? (type in an ordered pair) b) The equation of

Algebra word problem about discount percentages

A man wants to buy a new winter suit and finds one he really likes, but it's too expensive. So he decides to wait. After thanksgiving, the price of the suit is marked down by 35%, but he waits. Just before Christmas, the store offers a sale on everything as 15% off the marked price. but he waits. For the after Christmas clea

Percents and fractions

10. A hamburger costs $1.35 and the price continues to rise at a rate of 11% a year for the next 6 yr. What will the price of a hamburger be at the end of 6 yr? 17. The New Age Savings Bank advertises 4% interest rates compounded daily, while the Pay More Bank pays 5.2% interest compounded annually Which bank offers a bett

Proofs, Diophantine equations, and sequences

See attached 1- Prove by induction, the following result for all n 1- Prove by induction, the following result for all n 2- Prove that , if x2 3- Use induction to prove that (This can be used to show that the infinite har

Rational Expressions

1 For the rational expression S = ( an+1 - 1 ) / ( a - 1), the value of S for a = 2 and n = 5 is: A) 31 B) 127 C) 63 D) 15 E) None of the above. 2 For the rational expression in question 1 above, the value of S for a = 1 and n = 2 is: A) 1 B) 2 C) 3 D) undefined, since the denominator of S is zero fo

Inequalities, domain and Intersections of Lines

#1 The largest possible domain of the function f(x) = sqrt{[x-1]/[x+2]} is the set (A) all x except x=-2 (B) x < -2 or x greater or = 1 (C) none of the above. #2 The solution of the inequality (x-3)(x^2-3x+2) > 0 is (A) 1 < x < 2 and x > 3 (B) x > 3 (C) none of the above. #3 In the triangle whose sides are 3 , 4 , and

Transcendence basis proof

Suppose that L has transcendence degree n over K and that L is algebraic over K(&#945;1, . . . , &#945;n). Show that &#945;1, . . . , &#945;n is a transcendence basis for L over K. Might help: Theorem - Definition: Let L be an extension of K, A a subset of L. The following are equivalent: (1) A is a maximal algebraically

Prime Factorization and Greatest Common Factor ( GCF )

The table below contains ten questions. Please read through the set of possible answers and determine the best answer to each question. In the yellow answer column of the quiz, type the letter (A, B, C, D, or E) that corresponds to the answer you've chosen. Each question has only one answer. Place only one letter into each ans

Inequalities : When do you flip the inequality sign?

1.The inequality sign changes when both sides are multiplied by a negative number. This happens because it needs to read true. If you do not flip the sign it will not be a true inequality. However, if you multiply by a positive number you do not need to change the inequality sign. You do not change the sign in regular equations.