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Algebra Questions and FOIL Method

1. Use the FOIL method to find the product

2.If a pro basketball player has a vertical leap of about 20 inches, what is his hang time? Use the hang time function V=48 T^2
( Simply the answer. Type an integer or a decimal. Round to the nearest tenth)

3.Identify the degree of each term of the polynomial and the degree of the polynomial.

The degree of the first term is?
The degree of the is
The degree of the is
The degree of the is
The degree of the polynomial is

4. Jack usually mow his lawn in 6 hours. Marilyn can mow the same yard in 3 hours. How much time would it take for them to mow the lawn together?
The could mow the lawn in ? hours if they work together.

5. For the following equation, state the valud of the discriminant and then describe the nature of the solutions.

What is the value of the discriminant?

6. Rewrite the following expression with positive exponents

7. Rewrite with a rational exponent.

The root of 7 over 22

8. ADD

9. Use the quadratic formula to solve the equation
The solution set is {}


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