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Candle Lab

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Experiment Observations Results and Explanations
A. Reigniting a Candle
B. Water Suck Up
C. Extinguishing a Candle with Aluminum Foil
D. Candle Condensation
E. Extinguishing a Candle with Carbon Dioxide

1. Why would the candle reignite with a match held away from the wick?
2. a) Explain how the candle would extinguish with aluminum foil and carbon dioxide.
b) Suggest and explain another method of extinguishing a candle not already used in Part A.
c) Write out the balanced chemical equation for the reaction that produced carbon dioxide.
3. What does the formation of water on the aluminum ice sack suggest about the chemistry of a burning candle?
4. a) Suggest a reason why the water is sucked up into the glass jar.
b) A candle flame will use up oxygen as it burns. However, the consumption of oxygen alone does not explain the observed volume change. What other factor (s) need to be considered?
5. Explain the difference in the shapes of a normal candle flame and a nearly identical candle in micro gravity.

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