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    Linear Algebraic Relationships in Business Management Decisions

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    Why is it important to understand linear equations in business? In particular can you provide examples where the relationship between items that can be affected by management and 'items' that management wished to achieve or attain may be 'linear'. Can you think of items for which the relationship in NOT linear?

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    Manangement wants to manipulate two variables in

    some process so that they can achieve a specified

    value in a third variable. The equation is defined


    ax + by = W

    This is a linear equation. In management decision

    making using finite mathematics, there may be any

    number of equations utilizing the relationship for

    an business interaction. The equations may be

    related by time such that management ...

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    The goal of this solution is to assist the student to understand the relationship of variables in business that can be related and
    manipulated in a linear relationship. The method used is to demonstrate examples of linear vs non linear relationships.