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Specify a rational expression and Calculate the Headwind

. Well, here we are again with that English Channel, which appears to have repeated significance in flying firsts. Louis Bleriot, French aviator and inventor, was the first individual to successfully cross the English Channel in a motorized aircraft. On July 25, 1909, he flew his aircraft, called the Bleriot XI, a three cylinder, 25 horsepower monoplane, from Les Barraques, France to Dover, England, a distance of 22 miles, in 37 minutes. He received considerable acclaim and prize money. The Bleriot XI had a cruising speed of 47 miles/hr, At this cruising speed, the time to make the crossing would be determined as (T=D/R) t = 22 mi / (47 mi/hr) = .47 hours = 28 minutes. Thus, Louis must have experienced considerable headwind.

part i: Specify a rational expression which yields the flight time, Les Barraques to Dover, for the Bleriot XI as a function of headwind.

part ii: Calculate the headwind that Louis experienced on his successful flight

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