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simplifying the square and finding values

2. simplify the square of 96b(cubed)/144a(4th power)

3. Find the value(s) of b that would make the following true: 5b(squared)-125=0.

4. Solve using the quadratic formula: 2x(squared)+2x=3.

5. State the number of zeroes for each equation:
x(squared)=4x x(squared)+9=6x x(squared)+25=0

6. a model rocket is fired upward with an initial velocity of 36 ft/s from a height of 10 feet. Use the formula: h=16t(squared)+vt+s to determine when the ball will hit the ground(h is the height, v is the initial velocity, and s is the starting height)

7. Determine the x-intercepts using the quadratic formula: f(x)=6x(squared)-13x-5

8. The product of two consecutive, positive, ODD integers is 1295. Write an equation to describe this scenario and solve it.

9. The width of a rectangle is 3 times the length. The area is 12 square units. Write an equation to describe the scenario and solve it.

10. The population of a bee hive can be modeled by the function
P(x)=2x(squared) +11x+8. The graph of this function has 1 x-intercept. Is there any value of x that can make the hive have a population of 0 bees? Explain.

11. The area of a the triangle is 16 units(squared). Write an equation and find the value of x.

12. solve 4/8x-2=8/1-4x

13. solve for d : a/b=c/d

14. What is the common factor in the numerator and denominator?

15. Carol and Mike take their six children to the museum. The cost of admission for 2 adults and 6 kids is $156. The next week, their maid Alice goes with them, but this time only 4 kids go along. The cost for 3 adults and 4 kids is $144. Write a system of equations to describe this and determine the cost of one adult ticket.

16. Which point is a solution to the system of inequalities?
2x+3y<(equal to)12

17. Simplify: 24p(to negative 4th power)q(to 0 power)r(squared)/4p(to -6 power)q(to -2 power)r(to - 6 power)

18. You join a fitness club. The first club charges a startup fee of $72 plus $22 per month. The second club charges no startup fee but charges $25 per month. After how many months wil the cost be the same?

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