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    Quadratic equation of a rocket

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    Find the time based on the information given. Distance-100 miles, Rate 109.5509...the time is ____hours.

    Also, answer the following:

    A rocket is launched from the top of an 60 foot cliff with an initial velocity of 110 feet per second. The height, h, of the rocket after t seconds is given by the equation h=-16t^2+110t+60. How long after the rocket is launched will it be 20 feet from the ground?

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    First question
    The rate here referes to the velocity v, i.e. the rate of change of distance x with respect to time t. Now, we
    know that
    v =
    so the time is
    t =
    100 miles
    109.5509 miles/hour = 0.9128176948 hours = 54.76906169 min. (2)
    Second question
    When the rocket is 20 ft ...

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