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    Probability and Odds: Children, Coin Tossings, Snapdragon Offspring color

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    I need help on these few problems.They include indicating the probabilities and odds that a given family will have boys or girls, the odds of getting heads or tails in a coin toss, and the possible colors of the offspring of snapdragon flowers.

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    (a) S = { bbb, bbg, bgb, bgg, gbb, gbg, ggb, ggg }

    Sample space consists of all possible (boy,girl) arrangements. There are 3 positions and each position has two possibilities - boy/girl, so total size of sample space is 2^3 or 8.

    (b) E = { bgg, gbg, ggb }

    (c) F = { bgg, gbg, ggb, ggg }

    At least two daughters implies (Exactly two daughters + Exactly three daughters).

    (d) G = { ggg }

    (e) p(E) = the size of set representing event E / size of sample space
    = 3/8

    (f) p(F) = 4/8 = 1/2

    (g) p(G) = 1/8

    (h) o(E) = the size of set representing event E / ...

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