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    New Species and Agents of Change

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    Discuss how the various "agents" of change can lead to a new species.

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    Discuss how the various "agents" of change can lead to a new species.
    Agents of change are rooted in the idea of natural selection and genetic variation among species.
    Natural selection is based on the idea of survival of the fittest. Organisms respond to changes in their environment. For example, if the food source is scarce, organism will either die or adapt to the changes in order to survive.

    1. Genetic mutations are random changes in the genetic code. These changes are caused by point mutations, substitutions, or deletions in genes that cause a different gene product to manifest itself. Most genetic mutations are bad and the mutations generally result in death of the organism. For this reason, genetic mutations are a form of encouraging ?fit? organisms ...

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    A discussion on how various agents of change can lead to a new species is provided.