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    Finding the Probability and Odds

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    A jar on your desk contains fourteen black, six red, twelve yellow, and three green jellybeans. You pick a jellybean without looking.

    a. Find the probability that it is red or yellow.
    b. Find the probability that it is not red.
    c. Find the odds of picking a black jellybean.

    Write the final answer as a reduced fraction in each case.

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    Total number of jellybeans = 14 (black) + 6 (red) + 12 (yellow) + 3 (green) = 35

    a. Total number of red and yellow jellybeans = 6 + 12 = 18

    Probability that the picked jellybean is either ...

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    The solution provides an explanation of how to computation the required probabilities and odds. These can be computed in many different ways.