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    Arson investigation

    Describe the crime scene parameters of an arson fire, including one where an explosive reaction may have occurred. Identify the role of the fire department personnel and their authority at an arson fire. What is the authority of the state fire marshal's office or its equivalent? Explain. What specific responsibilities does th

    Arsonists motives

    Describe the elements of proof for an arson fire. Identify and describe at least 2 distinct motives for individuals to commit arson. The motives should fall under 2 different categories listed below: Social Economic Psychological Provide a background of the type of person who is likely to commit arson for the motives you

    Racial profiling in policing and its ethical implications

    Is racial profiling a matter of discretion or ethics? What are the ethical and moral dimensions of racial profiling? How do people judge other people that they meet? Why do people judge people by how they look, how they act, or how they present themselves? Also, be sure to include the following: Discussion of police cul

    Daubert Rule in contrast to the Frye Standard

    I need help explaining the Daubert Rule in contrast to the Frye Standard and disclose which one of the two would allow for the identification of more expert witnesses if they were used exclusively. I also need help explaining how ethics plays a large part in testimony by an expert witness. Disclose how the Daubert Rule and the F

    The Phenomenon of Mass Suicide

    In November of 1978, 913 people out of 1,100 people committed suicide in Guyana in a settlement called Jonestown. This settlement was ruled by a person named Jim Jones. He held psychological control over the inhabitants. If Jim Jones had been profiled before Senator Leo Ryan and members of his party were killed, would there hav

    Crime Scene investigation

    A detective is called to a crime scene, where the female victim is in the kitchen and has been stabbed 13 times. The officer notices the following: The room is in turmoil. The family is not at home. When the family is questioned, it is noted that nothing is missing. There is not any evidence of breaking and entering. The

    Protocol for Death Notifications

    A death notification must be made before the media is notified that a death has occurred. For example, suppose there was an automobile accident; the victim was taken to the hospital, and on the way to the hospital, the victim dies. No one in the media is notified about the condition of the victim until a death notification has b

    MO and a Signature

    When you look at television shows and read books, you might often encounter the term modus operandi (MO). This means a method of operating, functioning, or working. When crimes are committed, a perpetrator has an MO. In 1050-1750 words, discuss in detail the following: What is the difference between an MO and a signature? De

    Victims of Date Rape

    I need help creating a detailed outline in bullet form that contains information for the following 5 topics: List Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) and the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) reported crime statistics relating to rape and the strengths and weaknesses of each type of reporting. Define the term date rape (

    looking for guidence on a research paper

    Please research online and write your own 3 page paper on Cyber police (cops), what are they, how effective they are, etc.... Assume you are writing a paper for someone that has never heard of cyber cops. There is an article called "A Day in the Life of a Cyber Cop which could be used as a reference. Need to site and reference

    Community Policing Programs

    Please help me to understand these two policing strategies: Flint, Michigan conducted a foot patrol program between Jan 1979 and Jan 1982. Houston, Texas conducted a fear reduction program between 1983 and 1984. what were the goals, strategies employed, and outcomes of these two programs?

    Challenges in criminal Justice system

    Analyze the challenges of drug sentencing and plea bargaining within the criminal justice system. Be sure to cover the historical, theoretical and functional issues of each of the challenges. Include the following elements: An analysis of the each of the challenges The impact of the challenge on the criminal justice syste

    Controlling Gang Activity

    Gangs have become increasingly more violent over time and have also increased their activity in drugs and other illegal activities to support the gang and help recruit new gang members, often from U.S. middle and high schools. In this scenario, you have been asked to begin a gang initiative with a community that has suffered an

    Organized Crime on a Local Level

    I need to examine the impact of organized crime on a local level by researching and analyzing an organized crime group in specific area with references to one government site and one academic site: 1. The name and location of the organized crime group. 2. The unlawful activities of the group in the area. Reflect on the impact

    Managing a Police Organization

    What is organizational management as it applies to policing? How does organizational management, administration, and operational procedures impact the effectiveness of policing organizations? How can we innovate and improve the management and administrative processes and procedures to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of

    Body Worn Video Cameras in Law Enforcement

    See attached Document for directions of assignment. I have selected body worn video cameras as the topic I would like to write about. I would consider other topoics as well. Any help would be appreciated.

    Convicting white-collar crimes

    Should high-ranking corporate officers who commit white-collar crimes be sentenced less harshly than thugs who commit robbery on the streets or break into homes to steal people's possessions? Is either type of crime more reprehensible than the other? Why, or why not?

    Help with an Emergency Response Plan

    You are a captain in a local police department who has been asked by your chief of police to come up with a plan for developing a multiagency emergency response plan that includes local, state, and federal officers and other emergency and private resources for the purpose of responding to a terrorist event or natural disaster. T

    Services and Functions of the Boston Police Department

    Define the different type of services or functions that the Boston Police Department provides for its community. Are there other law enforcement organizations that also provide services in the same area? Do you feel that the BPD is adequate for the area which it serves? If you had the opportunity to make recommendations for ch

    The Federal Bureau of Investigations

    Briefly describe the historical development of the Federal Bureau of Investigations organization. How does this organization describe its mission within the community, and how is this mission accomplished? Describe the purpose, structure, and functions of the organization. If given the chance to make changes in this structure,

    Importance of Demeanor of a Typical Police Officer

    No quality is more indispensable to a policeman than a perfect command of temper; a quiet, determined manner has more effect than violent action. The securing and training of proper persons is at the root of efficiency. In using the above principles answer the following questions: 1) Why is the command of temper importa

    Relocation Decision: Legal Systems and Policing Styles

    Your company is considering a decision of relocating to another country. Researching different alternatives for relocation. The company is considering Costa Rica, Saudi Arabia, and Germany. Review the legal system and policing style in these countries. 3-4 pages What is the dominant policing style of each country? How do