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Career Opportunities In Criminal Justice

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What career opportunities are available for individuals who obtain a degree in criminal justice?

What are the salary ranges of these careers?
Are more opportunities available for those individuals who continue in their degrees with a Master's degree in criminal justice?
Write a 500 - 600 word paper on Criminal Justice Careers for those who have bachelor and master's degrees in criminal justice.

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Police or Sheriff's Patrol Officer
Correctional Officer/Jailer

Probation Officer

Detectives and Private Investigators
These roles In the criminal justice field are placated upon analyzing and finding facts about information associated with personal, financial, and legal issues that must be investigated for private citizens. Many private investigators engage in investigative tactics for regular people as well as corporations and even for high profile celebrities. Some of their duties entail verifying the backgrounds of potential employees, lovers, etc., investigating computer crimes, investigating corporate espionage, and tracing missing persons.

Police officers are criminal ...

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Detailed explanation of career's in the criminal justice system.

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