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Understanding Professionalism

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Describe three characteristics that are key to developing your professional image in criminal justice career field. Support your response and include why you think the characteristics are important to your personal image. 200-300 words

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I. Ethics

a) First and foremost is Strong Sense of Ethics. Ethics are vital in the criminal justice system. Many criminals do not have a sense of right versus wrong, but as a professional you must. For many in this line of work, it is hard to watch a criminal walk away scot free.

b) Let's take for instance a crime scene lab technician is often asked to analyze evidence in a capital murder case. The detectives know without a doubt that the suspect committed the crime. However, the key piece of evidence has been compromised. Without this evidence, the criminal will most likely not be convicted. What do you do? The ethical answer is to exclude the evidence.

c) The ultimate characteristic in the ...

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What are three key characteristics in developing a professional image in criminal justice career field? Please support your response and include why you think the characteristics are important to your personal image.

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