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Professionalism in the Workplace: Power Words

Power words are action verbs that describe your accomplishments in a lively and specific way. Think about the top five accomplishments and performance skills that you can demonstrate effectively. What power words can you communicate that promote energy while explaining your work skills, experience, and accomplishments? (Explain a total of at least six examples.)

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Power Words Introduction

Power words are excellent ways to start understanding your strengths. Furthermore, describing personal achievements or accomplishments using power words create an invigorating picture or outline of your stronger abilities. This leads to self-awareness of performance skills and the understanding of your personal strength zones.

Examples of Power Words Describing Your Personality

1. Loyal - A person who is supportive no matter how tough a ...

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This solution provides students with an understanding of power words. Students can expect to learn how to describe their skills, experiences, and accomplishments by the use of power words.