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Crime Scene investigation

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A detective is called to a crime scene, where the female victim is in the kitchen and has been stabbed 13 times. The officer notices the following:

The room is in turmoil.
The family is not at home.
When the family is questioned, it is noted that nothing is missing.
There is not any evidence of breaking and entering.
The victim has a knife next to her hand. The knife holder is on the kitchen counter next to the victim.
There was a gun in a drawer 10 feet from the victim. It was loaded with one bullet in the chamber.
The victim is 5 foot 9 inches tall, weighs about 140 pounds, and has well-developed muscles.
The coroner tells you that her fingernails were broken, and there were bruises on her upper arms.
In 1050-1750 words answer the following, what would you say happened to this victim? What are some options for this scenario? What evidence do you do look at as the investigator? Please include any references.

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This victim was obviously murdered as to be stabbed 13 times is impractical to do to themselves although this can't be excluded as a possibility because of the gun located in the drawer 10 feet from the victim. Therefore, all evidence must be assessed, packaged, and analyzed to attempt to determine whether this is a crime scene or a suicide. The first steps that should be taken are that the investigator(s) should conduct a "Zone Search". This is the type of crime scene search done when the crime scene entails a small area or room that is searched. The zone search is recommended in suspected homicides such as this particular crime scene. The next focus should be on determining the boundaries of the scene as well as attempting to establish the potential perpetrator's entrance or exit if it is a homicide. The next step is to conduct an initial walk though of the scene for investigators to use as a blueprint for determining the strategy for documenting the entire crime scene.

The first steps in the documentation process entail the use of photographs. Investigators must ensure that photographs taken are in unaltered condition, and these should also include the use of overview photographs taken of the entire scene and surrounding areas, including walls and points of entry ...

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Types of Evidence at a Crime Scene Investigation

There are numerous examples of physical and trace evidence, and although general crime scene procedures will be the same, the type of evidence will determine the specific collection procedure. Below is a list of many types of evidence that may be found at a crime scene.

- Computers
- Documents
- Drugs
- Explosives
- Fibers
- Fingerprints
- Firearms
- Glass
- Impressions
- Paint
- Petroleum products
- Plastics
- Powder residues
- Serial numbers
- Soils and minerals
- Tool marks
- Vehicles and lights
- Woods and vegetative materials

Address the following:
- Select 5 - 7 of the above types of physical evidence, and explain processes involved with the identification, collection, and preservation of each type.
- Answer the following questions for each of your selections: ◦How is it identified? Explain. What class characteristics might you find associated with the selected type of evidence?
- How difficult is the type of evidence to identify? Explain.

- What is the process for removing and collecting the evidence? Explain in detail. Your analysis must reference specific tests, histological staining, microscopes, and other equipment or techniques that should be used.
- What tools are necessary to collect the evidence? Describe.
- What challenges exist regarding the collection of the evidence? Explain.

- How is the evidence stored and preserved? Explain. How difficult is it to store and preserve the evidence? Explain.
- How might the evidence become contaminated and therefore inadmissible in court? Explain.

Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

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