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Business Law

Legal issues and Employment Testing

1. Identify and discuss the problems with the validity of Wayne Paxton's qualifications. Which qualifications are valid? Which qualifications are not valid? 2. What changes would you recommend that Wayne Paxton make? Why? 3. What related court cases are applicable to this case study and why? Wayne Paxton owns a small tr

Questions on Title VII are noted.

I need your help answering these questions: 1. Who is covered and not covered under Title VII and the impact of Title VII in the workplace? 2.I need four court cases that illustrate disparate treatment in the workplace and in each case I need the following: a. A brief description of the relevant facts b. The ruling and r


1. List three areas of employment that the Fair Labor Standards Act covers. 2. What is sexual harassment? What are two kinds of sexual harassment? Give an example of each. 3. List two changes made by the 1991 Civil Rights Act. 4. What is an exempt employee exempt from? List the three categories of

Employee Handbook Privacy Section

1. What are some ethical considerations involved in the design of an employee handbook? 2. How should state, federal, and international laws be addressed, if at all, regarding privacy in an employee handbook? Thank you your HELP is greatly appreciated.

Incidents of violence in the workplace are mentioned.

It appears as though the number of incidents of violence in the workplace has increased over the past several years, what is your opinion on the reason for the increase? What can be done to prevent violence in the workplace? Do you think companies do enough to protect their employee?

Legal Issues in Reduction of Workforce are noted.

1. What role, if any, length of service should play in making decisions for a reduction-in-force in a non-union organization? Why? 2. To what extent can or should management consider gender, race, age, and other "protected class" designations when making reduction-in-force decisions? 3. What role, if any, should ethics and

Some questions on Sexual harassment are posed.

1. Is this a case of sexual harassment? If so, what type? What might the legal penalties be? 2. What should Betty do? 3. What case law supports what Betty would do? Betty was one of two women who had been recently assigned to a great Plains Power & Light field crew. the utility had been aggressively recruiting women, an

Employment Law - Recruiting Students

These are the questions: 1. What is your assessment of the college's affirmation action attempts to recruit African American candidates? 2. How should president Jones response to perceptions and rumors? 3. Are the concerns about Dr. Wright's sexual preference a valid consideration? 4. Should President Jones discuss t

Title VII

1. Is there a way to Summarize the scope of Title VII and its applications to the workplace? Employment Discrimination might not be covered under Title VII - I might be wrong this might only deal with race, color, religion, sex, etc. Please correct me if I'm wrong. 2. Who is covered and not covered under Title VII and it

Sexual Harassment Laws

Sixty per cent of working women have faced sexual harassment at some point of time in their working lives. For every woman who raises an outcry, there are hundreds of others who suffer in silence, quit their jobs or get transfers. The reporting is increasing. a) Are numbers dealing with sexual harassment substantive or specul

Employer/Employee Relationship

Little Lamb Company needs an additional programmer for a special project. The company enters into a contract with Mary to complete this project. Just as the project is nearing completion, a new need arises for her services. She is asked to continue with the company to complete the new project. While completing the new project, t


The laws prohibiting discrimination have been around since the civil war, do you think the amendments to Civil Rights Litigation has changed the way cases are brought to court? Do you think it has become easier or more difficult to prevail on a discrimination claim over the past ten years? Please provide citation if nece

Question 1 / Law

An employer makes an employees life miserable, as a result the employee feels that he/she can no longer tolerate the working conditions at the job therefore the employee quits. Is this an actionable employment claim? If so why and what is it? If not, then what elements are lacking?

Service Contracts - Parol Evidence Rule and Ethics

Answer the following question in a manner that is clear and concise. Write so that the lay person can understand your answer. Your response must explain the law involved in arriving at your conclusion. No points will be assigned for unsupported conclusions. In entering into contracts for services, customers might be influenc

Religious Discrimination

The Christina Bookstore of Port Alice seeks a cashier. Mansour, a Muslim. Applies for the job. He is not hired because he is not a member of a Christina religion. When sued for religious discrimination, by Mansour, the Bookstore asserts membership in a Christian religion as a BFOQ. Under what conditions will this defense be

Age Discrimination Case

Carter was hired as a disc jockey, by Warren, when he was aged 54. Two years later, during economic hard times, Carter is laid off by Warren. Carter brings a claim of age discrimination against Warren. On the basis of these facts alone what is Warren's best defense to Carter's claim? Explain?

Torts and Liability

Please explain each of the following and give examples of real cases where possible: What torts may occur in your workplace (Restaurant)? What types of product liability may be applicable to restaurant? Why is it important to protect intellectual properties? What are the characteristics of a trademark? Thank you!

Dress Code Policy & Discrimination Laws

1. Can the President of a company implement the "dress code" policy as stated? What do you think and give your reasoning? 2. If a temporary contractor is performing work for an organization and was irate because they worked on Good Friday holiday was not paid double time for her work, like other employees of the organization

Long Term Care Facility - Healthcare

Will you please enumerate what duties of a facility you find to be paramount and why and please state reasons for priorities and where you feel these duties clash? Why and how should this conflict be resolved?

Title VII and the Workplace

What is the history and evolution of Title VII, and the impact of Title VII in the work place? Who is covered or not? What policies should employers have in the workplace to avoid any violations and sanctions from the government?

Application of the Objective Theory of Contracts

You are still working for the City of Bigtown's Counsel, and it seems that your work largely involves shooting down the mayor's "creative" ideas to boost tourism. He is taken with the idea of an advertising campaign developed around auctioning Bigtown on eBay! He thinks that no one will take the auction seriously but that people

An attorney's failure for filing a client EEO case one day late is embedded.

An attorney failed to file his client's EEO case within the 90-day required period. The attorney alleges that he simply miss counted the days. Is there any case law (equitably toll) available that would support an attorney's failure for filing a client's EEO case one day late? Also, if there were no law cases that would suppor

Types of Contracts

Raj went to the Napa Valley Harvest Festival, where he stopped at Tina's booth where she was selling paintings of vineyards. Raj admired a painting of vineyards, which did not appear to be for sale. Raj said to Tina, "I will give you $200 if you give me that painting right now." Tina gave Raj the painting, and Raj gave her $2