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Business Law

Bonuses and the recession are discussed.

Over recent months you have heard much about finance companies taking government bail-out money. You have also heard about company management spending lavishly (including on bonuses). Are their actions criminal? Explain. Are their actions ethical? Explain.

Religious Discrimination

The Christina Bookstore of Port Alice seeks a cashier. Mansour, a Muslim. Applies for the job. He is not hired because he is not a member of a Christina religion. When sued for religious discrimination, by Mansour, the Bookstore asserts membership in a Christian religion as a BFOQ. Under what conditions will this defense be

Age Discrimination

Carter was hired as a disc jockey, by Warren, when he was aged 54. Two years later, during economic hard times, Carter is laid off by Warren. Carter brings a claim of age discrimination against Warren. On the basis of these facts alone what is Warren's best defense to Carter's claim? Explain?

Communicable Diseases and Job Qualifications

Question: What factors must be taken into account in determining whether an individual with a communicable disease, that is a considered a disability, is other wise qualified for the job?

California State System

Identify one example of an employment protection that is provided by the California state system, but not by the federal system.

Termination of an Employment Relationship

Mark is awaiting the results of his bar exam. He tells Paula that he will continue to employ her as his secretary if he passes the exam. If he fails the exam, the employment relationship has been terminated in what way? 1) Fulfillment of purpose 2) Operation of law 3) Unfulfilled condition 4) Revocation of authority

Cyber Law

Discuss how many Businesses or Persons are targeted by Cyber Crimes (Identity Theft, Financial Crimes, Hacking, & Spam) and Cyber Terrorists. Cite any personal or business experiences that you might have had or use past cases or articles. Use legal terms and apply the rules to the facts.

Employment - Affirmative Action in the Military

In your opinion, can you answer this question for me, if you had to do an advocacy paper to say that you believe that affirmative action is still needed in the military, what would be your position?

Proxy Rules: Executive Compensation

Please research the recently enacted Proxy Rules regarding executive compensation disclosure. Do these rules assist shareholders in their investment decisions? If so, how? If not, what not? Keep it simple.

Enron - What Went Wrong?

Please review the facts of the Enron case. What went wrong with Enron? Does the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2001 set up mechanisms to prevent the problems of Enron? Can "Enron" happen again?

Americans with Disabilities Act

SCENARIO A sales manager in a large security systems company was terminated soon after his coworkers learned that he is homosexual and that his life partner has HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. The sales manager himself is HIV-negative. Has the employer violated the Americans with Disabilities Act?

Employment environment scenario is addressed.

Shefali Trivedi is the manager at a large food store and has hired many young employees to work for her on a parttime basis. During the past few weeks, she has noticed that she is missing a sizable amount of her stock in many different areas. She has no idea where to begin a search for suspects but is convinced that it is an "in

Affirmative Action

1. What is affirmative action? 2. List two pros and cons for Affirmative action programs in the workplace.

Define Affirmative Action?

Define Affirmative Action? Which employers are subject to Affirmative Action laws? What potential impact does Affirmative Action have on employees and the workplace?

Commercial law concepts

1.How does the definition of value for purposes of holder in due course differ from the definition of consideration? Why do you think there is a difference? Should there be a difference? 2. The law of negotiable instruments was designed to create a substitute for cash and to facilitate commerce. Has the importance of negot

Employees and Independent Contractors

What are the differences between employees and independent contractors? Is it possible for an employer to reclassify all of his employees as independent contractors? If so why or why not?

Employment Law Discrimination

1. Martha is the coach of the female basketball team, and Bob is the coach of the male basketball team at Discrimination State University. Both Martha and Bob have comparable knowledge of basketball, both have comparable skills, both work comparable hours and both have comparable win-loss records. "The male team is a reve

Affirmative Action

I would like to know the elements of affirmative action as it applies to public and private sectors and the interaction with the Title VII requirements of equal employment opportunity. For example, what employers are subject to affirmative action, what those plans require the employer to do, and what happens if the employer does

McDonnell Douglas Corp. V. Green Test and Outcome

I need help with this case. I have read this case and I am not getting the test. Please help - Was the McDonnell Douglas test appropriate, are there any changes to the test? Will Green be able to prove McDonnell Douglas's reason was pre-texual.

Title VII Law hiring based on hair color.

Discuss the ramifications of a policy that our company will not hire any blond people. What about a policy that we will hire only blond people? One of these policies is legal and one isn't I need to know which one and why?

Title VII - Workplace Discrimination

Need help with project: please discuss the following issues at it relates to Title VII (workplace discrimination). 1. The history and evolution of Title VII and its amendments (PDA, ADA, ADEA) 2. Who is covered and not covered under Title VII and its amendments. 3. Policies that companies should have in place to avoid viola

An "at-will" employee cannot be fired for which of the following?

1. An "at-will" employee cannot be fired for which of the following? a. absence from work due to bereavement. b. absence from work due to broken car. c. absence of work to take his wife to emergency room because of serious illness. d. absence of work due to job interview 2. Crystal quits her job 6 months ago, and now c

Promissory Estoppel

Assume you are in charge of training your company's sales and contract personnel. How would you explain the concept of promissory estoppel and what examples could you provide to them so they understand the concept and can apply it in their work?

FMLA and Workers compensation

Explain the application and implication of the following laws for your employer. Be sure to analyze (but is not limited to) the following employee safety, health, and welfare laws: a. Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) b. Worker's compensation Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) Then, answer the following questi

What is arbitration?

What is arbitration? What are the major types of arbitration? Give examples of each. What is judicial proceeding? Give 2 examples of judicial proceedings. What are the differences between arbitration and judicial proceedings? How do they apply to public and private sector collective bargaining situations

Union Strikes are assessed.

When a union strikes an employer in an effort to receive higher wages, an employer often brings in workers to replace the striking employees. When an agreement is finally reached between the employer and employees, must the employer dismiss the replacement workers. Can you explain the legal rationale for this.

Eplain the scope of Title VII and the workplace

Explain the scope of Title VII and its applications to the workplace. Could it be in paragraphs. I also need to properly cite the sources. Here are the two questions. 1) The application of Title VII and amendments in the workplace. 2) How disparate impact discrimination and disparate treatment discrimination occur under Titl