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Business Law

Title VII - Workplace Discrimination

Need help with project: please discuss the following issues at it relates to Title VII (workplace discrimination). 1. The history and evolution of Title VII and its amendments (PDA, ADA, ADEA) 2. Who is covered and not covered under Title VII and its amendments. 3. Policies that companies should have in place to avoid viola

An "at-will" employee cannot be fired for which of the following?

1. An "at-will" employee cannot be fired for which of the following? a. absence from work due to bereavement. b. absence from work due to broken car. c. absence of work to take his wife to emergency room because of serious illness. d. absence of work due to job interview 2. Crystal quits her job 6 months ago, and now c

FMLA and Workers compensation

Explain the application and implication of the following laws for your employer. Be sure to analyze (but is not limited to) the following employee safety, health, and welfare laws: a. Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) b. Worker's compensation Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) Then, answer the following questi

What is arbitration?

What is arbitration? What are the major types of arbitration? Give examples of each. What is judicial proceeding? Give 2 examples of judicial proceedings. What are the differences between arbitration and judicial proceedings? How do they apply to public and private sector collective bargaining situations

Union Strikes are assessed.

When a union strikes an employer in an effort to receive higher wages, an employer often brings in workers to replace the striking employees. When an agreement is finally reached between the employer and employees, must the employer dismiss the replacement workers. Can you explain the legal rationale for this.

Eplain the scope of Title VII and the workplace

Explain the scope of Title VII and its applications to the workplace. Could it be in paragraphs. I also need to properly cite the sources. Here are the two questions. 1) The application of Title VII and amendments in the workplace. 2) How disparate impact discrimination and disparate treatment discrimination occur under Titl

Create an Employee Handbook

Create a representation of actual sections of employee handbook. describing the company to which the employee handbook applies, address issues as privacy, employee/applicant testing, and performance evaluations in the global workplace.

Privacy Issues in the Workplace

I have been asked to prepare an employee handbook dealing with the issue of privacy in the global workplace. I need help determining 'what privacy rights issues should be addressed?' This will help me complete the other sections of the assignment Discuss the privacy rights issues that should be addressed in this handbook and

Affirmative Action

1) What employers are subject to Affirmative Action plans and why ? 2) What happens if employers do not meet the goals of the Affirmative Action plan ?

Corporate Compliance is depicted.

Greg, Kim, Phil, and Bob each own 20 percent of the shares of a company and serve as the board of directors of the company, Home Health, Inc. George is also a 20 percent shareholder, but he is not a member of the board of directors. When Bob dies, his wife Suzie inherits his shares of stock that were then worth $100,000, and r

US Employment Law

United States Employment Law 1. Bill was a secretary for the CEO of a large company in an "at will" state. Bill had no Employment contract with the company. When the CEO was replaced, the new CEO believed it was more appropriate to have a female secretary. Bill was fired because the new CEO wanted a female as his secretar

Employment Law: Employment at Will

1.) Discuss the evolution of the "employment at will" Doctrine in the United States and what it means within the employment law context today? 2.) Discuss the steps an employer can take to minimize its exposure to possible employment litigation? Provide references.

Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action

Keeping in mind public sector and private sector employers, and how it interacts with Title VII requirements of Equal Employment Opportunity: *What employers are subject to affirmative action plans and why? *What do the plans require employers to do? *What happens if employers do not meet the goals of the affirmative ac

Preventing Workplace Discrimination

What are some measures a company can take to reasonably accommodate people with disabilities, or those with a known drug abuse problem? Should factors like personality, attitude towards work, and future upward mobility be considered when hiring? Why or why not? Can Title VII override the employment environment and conditio

offer of return of premium

The chief financial officer remembers that he had paid Fiduciary Foo, an agent for Gross Insurance company, the initial installment of $25,000 on an insurance premium for a $10,000,000 business insurance policy two months ago. Unfortunately Fiduciary Foo deceased shortly after receiving the premium, and before he had been able t

Statute and Case Law Relationship in Employment Law

Identify an employment law case pertaining to National Origin and Disability. For each case identified, provide a brief summary and identify the statute or regulation interpreted in the case. Explain the relationship between the case and relevant statutes and/or regulations. Examine how the statute and/or regulations have evolve

Research and Annotated Bibliography

Well basically, I received a "research and Annotation Project." I'm just kinda unsure what a research and annotation project is - we were given a bunch of questions to choose from and were only to choose one, i chose "are trade unions still relevant and important for workers today?" according to the outline we were then to choos

Religious rights

Please, choose (possibly) recent case in which an employer's activities were restricted due to religious rights of employees. Can you explain how the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's criteria for religious discrimination applies to the case.

Family and Medical Leave Act - Responsibilities

I'm writitng extended paper (MBA level) on Family and Medical Leave Act. my example i sbased on a small company - 50 - 60 employees, with "employment at will" system, and the core business is providing highly trained armed security guards for any type of events. What are the responsibilities of that type of employer with

Pregnancy Disability Act

What is the significance of the Pregnancy Disability Act? Can a company ever consider pregnancy in its employment decisions? Example: stewardess in late pregnancy, or female employee in toxic lab, can the employee refuse to hire her in order to protect the fetus?

Employee rights

1. How do privacy rights differ for private versus public employees? Why? 2. Can your company legally change your job responsibilities, reduce your salary, and/or assign you to a different department? Why or why not?

Trust and reliance of professionals in law vs medicine

Many people try to represent themselves when it comes to the law, however when it comes to health issues, for example, they do not think twice about going to see a doctor. Medicine is complicated too and yet we would not try to do complicated procedures ourselves. Thoughts, anyone?

Employment regulation and agency

1. The last half of the 20th century saw development of the legal concepts that we know as EEO, Affirmative Action, Sexual (and other) Harassment, and several related ideas. Near the end of the century, we saw court decisions that recognized the rights of those who were adversely affected by the implementation of the ideas - so-