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Business Law

4 specific questions, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 discrimination.

Xx. Jennings, an African American man, works as a legal secretary for Harper and Williams, Attorneys. Although his work was adequate when he began, it never improved and never reached the level of competence of the other secretaries in the office with comparable experience. He was never offered any suggestions for improving hi

List the statutes/laws enforced by the EEOC.

2. T__ F__ Zenith Corporation has a published workplace policy that reads: "Promotions to the level of supervisor and higher are limited to individuals with at least a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university." This is a facially neutral policy. 10. T__ F__ Blakely refuses to hire Beth, suspecting he

Employment Law - Age Discrimination

Julie is a 58 year old engineer of Asian decent. She has mentioned to several co-workers that she may retire in December. Julie is next in line for training which would prepare her for a promotion. The training is scheduled for October. Julie's supervisor, John over hears a group of employees discussing Julie's possible reti

Use the IRAC Formula to cover the rule of law and apply it to the situation

Devon Overstreet, who worked as a bus driver for the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) for over six years, took a sick leave from January 30 to March 15, 1985. Because she had been on sick leave for more than seven days, CTA required her to take a medical examination. The blood and urine analysis indicated the presence of cocain

State And Federal Systems

Describe how the federal and state systems of government may or may not differ in their applicatrion of employment laws. Provide at least one example of an employment protection that is provide by the Pennsylvania state system, but not by the federal system.

Article 3 of Commercial Code Case

A bank holds two promissory notes, Note A has 5,000 balence and note B has a 10,000 balence owed. The debtor on both notes pays 7,000 and a clerk in bank sends back both notes marked '' paid'' by mistake with a letter thanking customer. Six months later the bank demands the 8,000 balence on Note B and the debtor produces the ''p

Employment Laws: ERISA compliance & FLSA

21 The two main important issues arising from ERISA compliance are: A) funding sources. B) reporting and disclosure. C) fiduciary issues. D) a and b. E) a and c. F) b and c. 22 ERISA reporting and disclosure laws do not apply to welfare plans with fewer than ________ employees. A) 25. B) 50. C) 75. D) 100.

OSHA questions are presented.

16 The greatest cause of employee workplace death is from: A) slip and fall accidents. B) workplace disease. C) machinery accidents. D) vehicle accidents. 17 OSHA's continual-training requirement states that employers must provide safety training for all new hires


11 Title VII protections apply to: A) managerial employees. B) non-managerial salaried employees. C) hourly wage employees. D) all of the above. 12 One hundred black employees have taken a promotion test. If 90 of the black applicants have passed, how many white em

Wrongful Discharge, Tittle VII & Civil Rights Act of 1964

6 If an employee is successful in an action alleging wrongful discharge, the employee may be entitled to: A) compensatory damages. B) punitive damages. C) reinstatement. D) compensatory damages and punitive damages but not reinstatement. E) compensatory damages, punitive damages and reinst

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

1) Employee Safety, Health, and Welfare Law Paper a. From the following employee safety, health, and welfare laws: 2) Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) b. Explain the application of the law in the current employment environment. Describe the impetus of the selected law and how it evolved from organized labor activity t

15-20 Employment law questions

16 Reverse discrimination: A) is a lawsuit or claim brought by a minority member who feels adversely affected by the use of the affirmative action plan. B) only discriminates against white men interview process. C) accounts for only 3 percent of the charges filed with the EEOC . D

Employment case study help is given.

3. Disparate Impact/Disparate Treatment Case Study Find a case that illustrates disparate impact and a different case that illustrates disparate treatment. a. A brief description of the relevant facts b. The ruling and reasoning of the court c. The specific implications of the ruling for your employment environment d. App

Questions about employment laws are answered.

1) Under what circumstances is it legal, advisable, and/or ethical to engage in the following practices: a) Require pre-offer medical examinations of some applicants and not others? b) Require post-offer, pre-employment medical examinations of some applicants and not others? c) Retain information generated by medical and pre-

Employment law questions

16 Which of the following, has as its purpose, the protection of employees from wrongful denial of all types of benefits, including retirement and pension benefits? A) the Older Workers' Benefit Protection Act. B) the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. C) the Age Discrimination in E

Sexual Harassment and Sexual Orientation - Employment Law

6. The most obvious form of sexual harassment is: A) quid pro quo sexual harassment. B) hostile environment sexual harassment. C) sexual harassment based on female animus. D) sexual harassment based on male animus. 7. In Blakely v. Continental Airlines, Inc. the court said: A) sexual

EEO Policy

Explain and evaluate how the Implementation of the EEO policy is applied in the Non-discriminatory workplace?

FMLA Case Study ideas are posed.

1. Is Victoria covered by FMLA? 2. How should the supervisor have handled Victoria's requests in the past? In the future? 3. Can the supervisor discipline her for excessive absenteeism? Why? Why NOT? 4. What should the supervisor do now? Victoria has been a sales agent for a telemarketing firm in California for fou

OSHA standards

1. Without having read the specific OSHA standards, do you think the company should receive a citation? 2. How sound is the company's defense? What cases support their defense? What cases could be used against their defense? 3. Is the company liable for any of Sharon's medical expenses? Sharon is a rebel. she always b

Non-Discriminatory Work Environment

This is the question I need help with: 1. What are the three commonly used methods for assuring a non-discriminatory work environment and explain and evaluate how these methods are applied in the workplace. Can your answer be in paragraphs and can you give me the sources. Thanks you. Your help is much appreciated.

The Impact of Title VII in the Workplace

Please help with the following questions: 1. What's the impact of Title VII in the workplace? 2. Can your answer be in paragraphs and can you give me the sources.

Legal issues and employment performance are correlated.

1. What mistakes, if any, has David made in his appraisal activities? 2. Is there the possibility of a legal challenge if he chooses to demote Jack? Melony? On what basis? 3. What related court cases are applicable to this case and why? David is a department head at statewide Insurance Company. He has been with the comp