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Privacy Issues in the Workplace

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I have been asked to prepare an employee handbook dealing with the issue of privacy in the global workplace. I need help determining 'what privacy rights issues should be addressed?' This will help me complete the other sections of the assignment

Discuss the privacy rights issues that should be addressed in this handbook and discuss why they should be addressed and why they are important.

**At least 2 outside sources is needed**

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Privacy Issues in the Workplace:
In a global workplace there should be rights against irrational searches and seizures. Only when the employer has realistic and genuine reasons for conducting a search or an inquiry should a search be allowed or carried out. The global employee should be protected against irrational and regular searches of his personal belongings or against continuous checking of e-mails and transmissions.

In the global workplace if there is any unnecessary incursion into the personal space of the employee, then it can be challenged. Moreover, if the employer makes any ...

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