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Business Law

Concise memorandum outlining the elements of strict product liability on a Cessna.

You are director of risk management for Cessna, a company that designs, manufactures, and sells general aviation aircraft. In response to a request from a new member of Cessnaâ??s board of directors, draft a concise memorandum outlining the elements a plaintiff must prove in order to impose liability on Cessna under strict liab

Legal Risk in Employment in the state of Vermont with three problematic scenarios dealing with employment-at-will, sexual harassment and gender discrimination, and workers compensation.

Looking for some direction on 3 legal encounters. The following three Legal Encounters involve NewCorp, your employer. You are required to provide a brief answer to the questions asked at the end of each encounter. Your boss expects a substantive answer, not simply a recommendation to refer matters to an attorney. The major

False Accusations - Sexual Harassment Validity

What type of actions can be taken against those employees who claim sexual harassment but have no basis and end the career, marraige, and reputation of someone who did nothing but IGNORE advances by the accuser? Where is the line for zero tolerance?

Ethical Position of a Manager Department

You are the manager of a department and you think many hours are being lost at work because people are using their office computers for personal matters during business hours. The head of IT can install spyware on every computer in your department to monitor what each employee does. The two company VP's give you conflicting advi

Place of Secondary Authority in Research Plan

The law firm has a client, Lara Perez, who is currently 53 years old and was recently terminated from her job at Acme Telecommunications. Ms. Perez worked for Acme for 15 years at the point that her employment was terminated. Ms. Perez has a bachelor's degree and started at an entry-level position, but worked her way up to a man

Organizing Campaigns

Do you think that there should be any limits on employer and union campaigning? Give reasons to support your answer. If you agree, what type of limits would you suggest? Why? An example would be helpful.

Different Roles in Criminal Justice

Categorize each of the following roles as an administrator, a manager, or a supervisor. *Sheriff *Corrections lieutenant *Police chief *Court bailiff *Judge (of a rural, single-judge court) Provide the rationale for your categorization. In your response, include the agency each role would administer or the employees each

Discuss specific employment situations and issues

Discuss specific employment situations and issues you have encountered or have been exposed to in books, movies, TV. A made up scenario is acceptable too. Include what you know about employment conflicts, questions, grievances, lawsuits, etc., whether encountered personally or otherwise. Analyze the experienced employment sit

Disability within police force is discussed.

Discuss the respective interests involved in having police officers with the physical ability to perform the job, contrasted with a disabled worker who deserves to be treated humanely.

Business and cybercrimes are solved.

You are a teller at the local bank. Anotjer teller informs you that he has the perfect scheme to earn extra money. His friends will come in with forged checks, and he will accepted them. To avoid getting caught, he will route the checks to the wrong department and they will get lost in a pile of paperwork. He says that if you wa

Communicable Diseases and Job Qualifications

Question: What factors must be taken into account in determining whether an individual with a communicable disease, that is a considered a disability, is other wise qualified for the job?

California State System

Identify one example of an employment protection that is provided by the California state system, but not by the federal system.

Cyber Law

Discuss how many Businesses or Persons are targeted by Cyber Crimes (Identity Theft, Financial Crimes, Hacking, & Spam) and Cyber Terrorists. Cite any personal or business experiences that you might have had or use past cases or articles. Use legal terms and apply the rules to the facts.

Employment - Affirmative Action in the Military

In your opinion, can you answer this question for me, if you had to do an advocacy paper to say that you believe that affirmative action is still needed in the military, what would be your position?

Enron - What Went Wrong?

Please review the facts of the Enron case. What went wrong with Enron? Does the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2001 set up mechanisms to prevent the problems of Enron? Can "Enron" happen again?

Americans with Disabilities Act

SCENARIO A sales manager in a large security systems company was terminated soon after his coworkers learned that he is homosexual and that his life partner has HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. The sales manager himself is HIV-negative. Has the employer violated the Americans with Disabilities Act?

Employment environment scenario is addressed.

Shefali Trivedi is the manager at a large food store and has hired many young employees to work for her on a parttime basis. During the past few weeks, she has noticed that she is missing a sizable amount of her stock in many different areas. She has no idea where to begin a search for suspects but is convinced that it is an "in

Affirmative Action

1. What is affirmative action? 2. List two pros and cons for Affirmative action programs in the workplace.

Define Affirmative Action?

Define Affirmative Action? Which employers are subject to Affirmative Action laws? What potential impact does Affirmative Action have on employees and the workplace?

Commercial law concepts

1.How does the definition of value for purposes of holder in due course differ from the definition of consideration? Why do you think there is a difference? Should there be a difference? 2. The law of negotiable instruments was designed to create a substitute for cash and to facilitate commerce. Has the importance of negot

Employees and Independent Contractors

What are the differences between employees and independent contractors? Is it possible for an employer to reclassify all of his employees as independent contractors? If so why or why not?

Employment Law Discrimination

1. Martha is the coach of the female basketball team, and Bob is the coach of the male basketball team at Discrimination State University. Both Martha and Bob have comparable knowledge of basketball, both have comparable skills, both work comparable hours and both have comparable win-loss records. "The male team is a reve

Affirmative Action

I would like to know the elements of affirmative action as it applies to public and private sectors and the interaction with the Title VII requirements of equal employment opportunity. For example, what employers are subject to affirmative action, what those plans require the employer to do, and what happens if the employer does