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    The pension scheme

    There are many nuances to the design of an acceptable pension program. Design a model program to be offered to the union and explain your rationale. Answer

    Compare profit-sharing plans and COLAs

    Explain the difference between profit-sharing plans and COLAs. Do you believe profit-sharing plans or COLAs are more beneficial to employees? Defend your answer. Answer

    Core Competences

    What are core competences? What are examples of an organization's functional-level strategies?

    Ideas for Starting a Plumbing Business

    What would be the best choice for the business entity that represents a plumbing service that will be opened thru out the united states? What new business steps would be required to take control re: forming a corporation, taxation, and liability issues into consideration. Identify what laws and regulations this business must con

    Employment Law Question

    Employees v. Widget Company Elizabeth Bennett and Tom Jones applied to become administrative assistants for Widget Company. After the interviewing process, both were hired and asked to sign contracts that contained the same provision: â??If there is any dispute as to employment practiced or employee/employer actions, this

    Sexual Harassment

    I need help answering questions pertaining to the case study of Ellison vs Brady on the attached PDF. 1) Was the court's use of the "reasonable victim" standard? Explain. 2) Does this standard create problems for management? If so, what are they? If not, why not? 3) Was Ellison being "overly sensitive"? What would you

    Legal Construction of the Employment Environment

    Equal Employment Opportunity Commission vs Chicago Miniature Lamp Works. http://openjurist.org/947/f2d/292/equal-employment-opportunity-commission-v-chicago-miniature-lamp-works I need help answering questions pertaining to this case. 1) Would an unbalanced workforce due to word-of-mouth recruiting alone ever constitute

    Union membership

    Union membership has been declining in the United States for many years. What do you think are the major reasons for this?

    Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

    Please see attached case study on Petruska vs Gannon University and please help me answer the following questions on the case study. 1) Do you agree with the court's decision? Explain. 2) As a manager in this situation, how do you think you would have handled the chaplain's complaints? 3) Given the power that religious orga

    The Regulation of Employment Relationship

    Althea, who is African-American has been a deejay for a local Christian music station for several years. The station gets a new general manager and within a month he terminates Althea. The reason he gave was that is was inappropiate for a black deejay to play music on a white Christian music station. Althea sues the station.

    minimum wage

    In a global competitive world, do you think minimum wage is a good thing?


    I need some help with the foll. Please see the discussion question(please cite references if/where possible)..Thanks Application of Nondiscrimination Laws to Faculty Employment Decisions Case Summary The School of Engineering at Elite University, a private, non-profit university, has four departments: Electrical Engine

    Employment law

    NATLEX is the databse of national labor, social security, and related legislation maintained by the International Labour Standards Department of the International Labour Organization (ILO). Visit NATLEX and learn more about employment laws around the world www.ilo.org/dyn/natlex * Summarize one law in Turkey and explain t

    Employment Law

    How do we balance affirmative action and equal protection principles? As to public and private sector employees discuss: a. What employers are subject to affirmative action plans and why? b. What do the plans require employers to do? c. What happens if employers do not meet the goals of the affirmative action plan?

    Employment Law: Potential Reasonable Accommodations

    An individual without legs is otherwise qualified for the following positions: security officer on a graveyard shift, single coverage; parking attendant at a rental car company; and heavy equipment operator. Which position would be the best fit for the individual and why? What are potential reasonable accommodations?

    Hazard Reports - Vehicle Safety Violations

    How would you handle this situation: You have received several hazard reports from control tower personnel dealing primarily with vehicle safety violations such as entering a taxiway or runway without permission, failing to yield to moving aircraft and so on.

    4th Amendment's Protection of Unreasonable Searches and Seizures

    Please describe the "emergency administrative search" exception to the general rule that a warrant must be issued for a lawful search. What is "reasonable suspicion" in the context of the 4th Amendment? What is "probable cause" in the context of the 4th Amendment?


    Using the acquired skills of IRAC writing, brief the case UNITED STATES v. EPPERSON. You do not need to recite any facts. Begin with your issue statement, then fully identify and explain the rule of law the court applied, present the court's application of the law to the facts, and set forth the conclusion.

    Concise memorandum outlining the elements of strict product liability on a Cessna.

    You are director of risk management for Cessna, a company that designs, manufactures, and sells general aviation aircraft. In response to a request from a new member of Cessnaâ??s board of directors, draft a concise memorandum outlining the elements a plaintiff must prove in order to impose liability on Cessna under strict liab

    Legal Risk in Employment in the state of Vermont with three problematic scenarios dealing with employment-at-will, sexual harassment and gender discrimination, and workers compensation.

    Looking for some direction on 3 legal encounters. The following three Legal Encounters involve NewCorp, your employer. You are required to provide a brief answer to the questions asked at the end of each encounter. Your boss expects a substantive answer, not simply a recommendation to refer matters to an attorney. The major

    False Accusations - Sexual Harassment Validity

    What type of actions can be taken against those employees who claim sexual harassment but have no basis and end the career, marraige, and reputation of someone who did nothing but IGNORE advances by the accuser? Where is the line for zero tolerance?

    Ethical Position of a Manager Department

    You are the manager of a department and you think many hours are being lost at work because people are using their office computers for personal matters during business hours. The head of IT can install spyware on every computer in your department to monitor what each employee does. The two company VP's give you conflicting advi

    Business strategy problem

    In order for an eligibility test to be legally validated as an effective gauge of performance, an employer must show that the test is a business necessity, as well as predictive of job performance. As employers, how can one determine if there is a business necessity?