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    Discrimination in the work place

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    Describe a basic guide prevent workplace discrimination based race,gender,age religion sexual harassment

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    The easiest thing to do to prevent workplace discrimination is to have something in written - more specifically policies with definions and examples of discrimination. These policies should be reviewed at least annually with the employees by the human resources director, or from an outside source - for example, if the company or institution has lawyers that work for the company.

    For example, I work at a middle school and at the start of every school year our administration sits the entire staff down on the first day of school and goes over all the policies. Additionally, throughout the year, as we meet as departments and individual schools, our administrators constantly review and reinforce harassment and discrimination.
    Additionally, our school has a law firm on retainer who deals with all our legal issues, including writing up board policies. Last year, ...

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    The soultion below discusses how discrimination in the workplace can be avoided and dealt with if it is occuring through procedures, trainings, policies, etc.