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Necessary condition for price discrimination

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Discuss the necessary conditions to make price discrimination work and the best practices to use price discrimination to maximize profits while avoiding price wars. In your discussion make evident the challenges of the strategy even in markets where it is possible.

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Price discrimination is charging different prices to different customers at different times in different markets and these price differences are not due to cost differences.

The necessary conditions for price discrimination are:
1. The firm must have ...

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For price discrimination to work, three condition must be met. They are; firms must have control over prices, the price elasticity of demand must be different over the range of prices and markets or customers must be separable.

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I am working on a project that will consist of about 110-125 words per question. I need to analyzing the current market conditions of "Starbucks" (selected Business)Please address the following topics in your analysis: (all information is about Starbucks only)
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1. Competition can take many forms. Price competition includes collusion, price discrimination, price leadership, loss leaders, and game theory (thinking about what the other "players" will do in response to your "move"). Non-price competition includes product differentiation and advertising.

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