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Discrimination and Regulatory Agencies

1. Select a discrimination case in the workplace that you are aware of, or refer to an example from the text or from your research. Identify the legal issues that are involved with the claim that discrimination does or does not exist. What are the legal considerations that affect either the business or the individual claiming discrimination?

2. How do government regulatory agencies and laws impact business organizations? Choose one or two specific governmental regulatory requirements, and explain what affects they have on business organizations. Determine methods for managing the legal risks and compliance issues that arise because of these requirements.

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A Selection of a discrimination case in the work place
Discrimination in the work place is the act of undermining an employee on the basis not grounded on the rules of the organization. When an employer treats the employees in a different way based on their own personal discretion, that id termed work place discrimination. Racial, gender, tribal, nationality and even religion biases can be the ground for the prejudice (Zimmer, M. J. (2004). A sample of a case in a work place scenario could be: A female employee being paid less than the male employee even after undertaking the same task. This is gender based discrimination. This direct discriminating act is demoralizing to the female employee and could cause Organizations trouble through legal sues. It can also lead the company into a state of image denting in the corporate world. The brand image of the organization is brought to test when this sought of detrimental cases are splashed in the media.

Legal issues in discrimination
Circumstances in the organization may boast a discriminating act; legal issues will consequently emerge to counter the appalling act. It is the legal issues that will solve the problem and place everything in its pposite place. Hence legal issues do exist in discrimination (Goldberg, S. B. (2011). To defy the odd discrimination setup that emerge, the legal issues that are well stated will augment the case and make the ...

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The solution discusses a discrimination case in the workplace and the legal issues attached as well as the impact of government regulatory agencies on business and their requirements. 899 words with 3 references.