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    Business and Cybercrimes

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    You are a teller at the local bank. Anotjer teller informs you that he has the perfect scheme to earn extra money. His friends will come in with forged checks, and he will accepted them. To avoid getting caught, he will route the checks to the wrong department and they will get lost in a pile of paperwork. He says that if you want to join in, evryone willsplit the mney. You need the extra money for school,but you know this scheme os wrong. In the end, your need for more funds win outs, and you agree with your co-worker to accept some ofthe checks. When one of the "friends" comes into the bank, however, you cannot go through with the scheme and you back out. Waht crimes have been committed by you, your co-worker, and your co-worker friends?

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    Everyone here is guilty of conspiracy because conspiracy involves an agreement with intent to commit a target crime between at least two people. Even though the crime has not taken place yet, the co-workers, the co-worker friends and you are all guilty of the ...

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