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Accommodating Disabled Employees

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What are some measures a company can take to reasonably accommodate people with disabilities, or those with a known drug abuse problem?

Should factors like personality, attitude towards work, and future upward mobility be considered when hiring? Why or why not?

Can Title VII override the employment environment and conditions detailed in a written employment contract between an employer and an employee? Why or why not?

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Some measures that a company can take to accommodate people with disabilities:

1. The workstation or the worktable should be designed to be disabled friendly. This may include chairs of suitable height and handles, desks to assist those who are challenged in movement and keyboards for the visually challenged.
2. There should be separate toilet spaces for the disabled, including modified washbasins, commodes and handles.
3. The work requirements and standards should be discussed in advance with the disabled employees and arrangements should be made to meet the requirements of these employees.
4. Special transportation arrangements may be made for employees who are incapable of driving to work.

Some measures that can be taken to accommodate employees with drug abuse problems:

1. No dangerous work: That is work that can either harm the employee or others should be given to the employee. For example, work like driving trucks or bulldozers should not be assigned to such an employee.
2. No work with moving parts: That is work related to moving machines or machine tools should be given to such workers. For instance work using lathes or drills should not be given to such employees.
3. There should be special watch kept on these employees by their supervisors. They should be watched carefully and any sign that they are taking drugs should be taken seriously and they should be directed to suitable doctors.
4. Drug tests should be done regularly on these ...

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This posting discusses measures a company may take to accommodate disabled employees. Issues related to personality, attitude towards word and Title VII are also described in detail in this 964 word response.

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