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    Early Modern

    Middle ages to French Revolution

    The question for my paper is Identify five issues or challenges between the Middle Ages and the French Revolution that will shed light on a contemporary problem faced by society today. Thanks again

    John Calvin's success

    Although Martin Luther was the originator of the Protestant Reformation, a younger man, John Calvin, had an even more far-reaching influence. Describe and explain John Calvin's success.

    Tenets of Islam

    What were the tenets of Islam and how were the Muslims suddenly able to build an empire? Assess the importance of the Muslim invasions for the development of Western Europe.

    200 Word Essay Help/Roman Empire

    How and why was the history of the eastern half of the Roman Empire so different from the western half? What factors contributed to the growth of a distinctive Western European culture?

    Magna Carta brought about a "balancing act"

    Analyze what caused the Popular Rebellion and how the 1215 Magna Carta brought about a "balancing act" that ended the rebellion and promoted an ideal of feudal government. Why is the Magna Carta considered a cornerstone of modern English law?

    Minoan and Mycenean cultures

    Compare and contrast in 200 words the Minoan and Mycenean cultures. Discuss the archeological evidence and the clues it provides about these cultures. Discuss both new features and the influences of other cultures.

    Jewish, Egyptian, and Mesopotamian Faiths

    This posting compares and contrasts the Jewish, Egyptian, and Mesopotamian faiths. What were the main contributions of the Hebrews to the development of a western religious tradition?

    Greek Gods

    Greeks saw the acts of the Gods in everything, even the turnout of the wars. Does this indicate a more primitive society? Are we really greatly different today?

    Internet Photo of Harpies

    I need a internet photo of Harpies. The photo can be of a painting, pottery, sculpture, relic, or any other decorative piece of art as long as it was made from 1000 BC to 500 BC. The artist's name, the title, format, size, date, and the current location must be expressed.

    Picture of Callisto

    I need a internet photo of Callisto that is depicted in either a painting, sculpture, relic, pottery, or even decorations. The piece must be between 1000 BC - 500 BC. I also must know the artist's name, the title, format, the size, the date, and the current location.


    THESE ARE JUST EXAMPLE QUESTIONS FROM A PREVIOUS EXAM PAPER 1) Why were the stereotypes of marginal groups so similar? 2) Account for the different treatment of immigrant groups in the early modern period. 3) When, and for what reasons, did the attitudes towards the Jews begin to change? 4) Why were gypsies persecute

    Political role of women in Athens

    What conditions or attitudes explain the fact that women had no political role in Athens and, in fact, had few opportunities to act in any public or independent way?

    The rise of Christianity in regards to the Apostle Paul

    I am trying to come up with an argument and I am getting a little "tongue tied" on how to say my point. My thoughts; Jesus was a preacher and healer and began his 'movement' after John's execution. Overall Jesus was not special, but he did focus on the poor and weak to spread his message of 'love, worshiping only on God'. An

    Questions on Sparta

    1) How were the children raised in Sparta? 2) Who was Lyeurgus? and Who was Leonidas? 3) How would you describe "Classical Sparta"?

    Questions about Sparta

    1) In what ways was Sparta different from Athens? 2) What advatages did sparta offer to it's citizens? 3) How the geograpy of Laconia and the Peloponnesus affected Sparta's expansion? 4) How exactly did the Spartans organize the Hoplites and Phalanxes.

    New world discovery and exploration

    How do you explain the discovery of the new world by Europeans? Was it an accident, good luck, or the result of a more complex set of circumstances?