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Past societies and cultures

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Is it possible to understand past societies and cultures? Why or why not or to what extent is it possible?

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First I think it is completely possible to understand other socieites and cultures, however, I believe that it is a completely personal view and involves whether one or one's society is willing to dig into different socieites and cultures.

On the basis of cultures and socities that still are alive and vibrant today, I think that it is completely possible and rather easy to understand the culture if one is an open minded person and willing to immerse one's self into the culture. The ...

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Popular American Culture Discussion

Briefly describe popular American culture.

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Popular Culture Inventory

The mass circulation of items from areas such as dining, fashion, sports, film, music, health, beauty, and entertainment has a major impact on many American families. Pop culture artifacts from these categories used daily influence our actions. In a recent collection of items and observation of diverse advertisements, I investigated what it is about advertisements that drive us to items of desire. Whataburger and Bill Miller BBQ are famous dining establishments that offer values of convenience and pleasure. Food is an essential part of life. Dining out allows people to take a break from their busy work schedule and relish a night out without worry of cooking or cleaning. Clinique and Este Lauder skin are beauty trends. Beauty trends permit women to feel special, and this is a perpetual American obsession. Zumba, Curve's and Special K Cereal are health trends but have the same effect as beauty trends. Again, health and beauty is a significant part of American life and these products allow people to improve themselves by aiding in the process. Entertainment trends are the most prevent trends in America. Americans work hard to play hard. Cowboy football, San Francisco Giant baseball, Transformers, and Dora are all social and entertainment trends. These trends enable people to bask and alleviate the tensions of everyday work life. These given example are just a small fraction of today's popular culture all too common for the average person to notice.

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