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    The Challenge of the New World

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    The Realities of the New World

    When the Puritans and the varied Europeans that decided to migrate in the world decided and formulated their plan of migrating - it was a life changing moment for each. They were dreaming of freedom, land and bounty, a world where the monarchy still influenced but not as it was in the Old World where they were subjected to Royal whims and Decrees. The Puritans for example sought to establish a 'New Zion', an idyllic community where they will be free to practice their faith. The realities of settling in the New World reared its ugly head as soon as the Mayflower landed in the New England coast and the difficulties of surviving are manifold. First there was the issue of handling the Native settlers. Varied Indigenous Indian ...

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    The solution provides a narrative discussing the difficulties faced by colonizers of the New World in relation to the challenges of the New World environment - landscape, climate, flora, fauna, native inhabitants, diseases, supplies and distance from home nations. References are provided. A word version is attached for easy printing.