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    Picture of Callisto

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    I need a internet photo of Callisto that is depicted in either a painting, sculpture, relic, pottery, or even decorations. The piece must be between 1000 BC - 500 BC. I also must know the artist's name, the title, format, the size, the date, and the current location.

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    There are five variations (at least) of the virgin-pursued-by-god theme:

    1. Daphne and Apollo: with focus on the chase, her metamorphosis into a tree serves as Daphne's means of escape. http://larryavisbrown.homestead.com/files/xeno.ovid3.htm shows a statue for this but way to modern

    2. Jupiter and Io: with emphasis on Hera, the jealous wife, and the metamorphosis as Io's disguise in hiding from Hera (both these early instances make the gods appear comic).

    3. Syrinx and Pan: a meta-narrative or story within a story, told by Mercury, serving to put Argus to sleep.

    4. Jupiter and Callisto: similar to the Juno/Io plot but not treated comically; this more serious tale prepares for the later savage treatment of Semele and Ino by the gods; here metamorphosis serves as apotheosis (Callisto taken up to heaven as a constellation).

    5. Jupiter and Europa: serves primarily as a transition to the story in Book 3 of Cadmus' exile.

    Callisto and Jupiter is a variant of the story that occurred much later than 1000BC to 500BC

    Again looking at the offerings of Pompeii we see: ...

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    The solution provides a photo of callisto that is depicted in a painting, sculpture, relic, pottery or decorations.