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    Inelastic collions and determining height of a tree

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    1 A comet fragment of mas 1.96 x 10^13 kg is moving at 6.50 x 10 ^4 m/s when it crashes into Callisto, a moon of Jupiter. The mass of Callisto is 1.08 x 10^23 kg. The collision is completely inelastic. Assuming for this calculation that Callistos initial momentum is zero kg(m/s), what is the recoil speed of Callisto immediately after the collision?

    2 A park ranger wanted to measure the height of a tall tree. The ranger stood 9.50 m from the base of the tree; and he observed that his line of sight made and angle 65.2 degrees above the horizontal as he looked at the top of the tree. The park ranger's eyes are 1.80 m above the ground. What is the height of the tree.

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