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Basic Math applications to Classical Mechanics

A park ranger wanted to measure the height of a tall tree. The ranger stood 6.10 m from the base of the tree; and he observed that his line of sight made an angle of 73.5° above the horizontal as he looked at the top of the tree. What is the height of the tree?

A .5.84 m
B 8.77 m
C 11.7 m
D 17.3 m
E 20.6 m

A train travels due south at 60 m/s. It reverses its direction and travels due north at 60 m/s. What is the change in velocity of the train?

A 120 m/s, due north
B 120 m/s, due south
C 60 m/s, due north
D 60 m/s, due south
E zero m/s

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Two questions solved here. One is the measurement of the height of a tree using angles. The other is determining the change in velocity of a train.