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Cromwell's Conquest of Ireland

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Provide a detailed discussion of scholarship that exists on the subject of Oliver Cromwell's conquest of Ireland.

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The years between 1641 and 1660 in Ireland were marked by constant war. Under the initial plantation policies during the reign of Henry VIII and Elizabeth, many settlers had come from England and Scotland. In 1641, in an effort to seek protection from further expropriation of their lands, guarantees of toleration for their Catholic faith, and the right to full citizenship within the Stuart kingdom of Ireland, the Irish revolted against the English and Scottish soldiers that were in occupation of Ireland. Sir Phelim O'Neil led the uprising in Ulster against the Protestant troops, killing four thousand people including civilians. This event, sometimes called the Protestant Massacre, only worsened the Irish situation, for in response to it, the English and ...

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The solution presents details of Cromwell's conquest of Ireland and the available scholarship on this particular historical event.

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