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Weight Management

Vitamin A Deficiency

Vitamin A Deficiency is a massive health issue in the united states and around the world. Imagine that you are giving a talk to a group of wealthy donors who are trying to figure out how to spend a $50 million grant. Your job is two-fold: 1. Briefly explain to them what vitamin A is, where its found, and what it does to the b

Protein Vegetarians integrate in their diet

Imagine that you have decided to become a complete vegetarian, giving up all meat, poultry, and fish. Using what you know about food protein, use your first posting to describe how you plan to make sure you are getting all the required amino acids everyday. in this posting, you should include (2) dishes that you might eat in ord

Dietary adjustments

What are some dietary adjustments that one can make that might help reduce blood pressure and/or Cholesterol?

The Best Way to Get Your Micronutrients Daily

1) What are some different ways I can make sure that I get all of the necessary micronutrients daily? Specifically what I am looking for are ideas of foods that are rich in selenium, Zinc, Iron, Phosphorous, Magnesium, Potassium, Folate, Botin, Niacin, B Vitamins. 2) How might taking vitamin pills have both positive and neg

Diet and Weight Management

I help in completing the attached worksheet. University of Phoenix Material Diet and Weight Management Activity #1 A) Choose a fast food meal that costs approximately $5.00. Complete the table below to summarize the major nutritional data about this meal. Food Item Calories Calories from Fat Total Fat (g) Total Carb

Understanding the Tools used for Weight and Body Fat

Weighing yourself on the scale only gives you limited information about your health. Why? How can you get more accurate information? What are the different tools available to measure body fat? How do the body fat scales work? Does anyone have any personal experience with them?

Nature versus nurture debate

There are two common theories to explain obesity. Give an overview of the nature vs. nurture debate in relationship to obesity as presented in your textbook and other reliable sources. Do you think obesity is caused more by nature or nurture? Why? Support your rationale with references.


I am trying to answer a study question for my toxicolgy class but cannot find any reference to the question in the texts. The question reads: A low protein diet can result in increased blood levels of cadmium and lead. Propse a reason for this effect and describe the mechanism(s)that would be involved in causing this observed

Wellness - What does it mean to eat a balanced diet?

What does it mean to eat a balanced diet? 2) What are three of the main dangers associated with dieting? 3) What is the best way to lose weight? Offer at least one source to support each answer List 3 myths associated with exercise and explain why each myth is not true. 2) What are 3 options for ensuring your exercise regu

Your bachelor uncle has been to the doctor who told him to lose weight.

Essay 1 Your bachelor uncle has been to the doctor who told him to lose weight. Your uncle writes you an email saying he never thinks about what he eats, and doesn't know where to start to make changes. He writes a list of what a normal one-day intake would be for him, and asks you what you would suggest to change. Original

Nutrient Essentials and Functions - dietary fats

In our society, there are weight loss programs that recommend low fat, no-fat, or high protein diets. Should we eliminate fats from our diets altogether and increase proteins? What are some of the benefits that unsaturated fats and proteins provide when included in a balanced diet? Explain the answer. If you have ever po


I am doing a presentation and need help with population susceptibility rate and preventive roles of diet.

Food Journal Analysis

Enter your food intake for a full day. Be sure to save this information as directed in the instructions. Write a paper that answers the following questions about your diet for this week's entry. It is fine to write this food journal in the 1st person perspective. a) How do you feel about the dietary intake for the day you re

Diet Plans Examination

Why do you think so many diet plans fail? What type of diet plan would you use, if you were required to lose twenty pounds? Do you believe that the plan that your group is researching is both safe and effect? Why/why not???

What is a healthy body weight?

What is a healthy body weight? How is fat burned? if I am a 24 year old man 6ft tall,177lb and wonts to weigh 165 in 40 days what is the best way to do that ?

Outline about the epidemic of pediatric obesity

I need some help coming up with a cohesive (a detailed) outline about the epidemic of pediatric obesity. I need to come up with about 7 all-ecompassing topics. I am writing about a lot, but I'm having trouble putting it into a concise outline. Here is a description of what I am working on: This directed study will address

Effective Weight Loss Program

Set-point theories suggest that attempts at permanent weight loss are a waste of time. Design or outline an effective weight loss program.

Carbohydrate Need

Trying to describe the carbohydrate needs in athletes and is it the same or different for non athletic people?

Weight Management

Discuss and analyze the following in relation to weight management 1) analyze the principles and risks of current diets or weights loss programs 2) contrast the signs and management of eating disorder(s) with routine weight management

Weight Management

Discuss and analyze each of the following in relation to weight management: 1) Current obesity theories 2) Physiological consequences and health risks of excess body weight

Instructional methods - one to one instruction

I need suggestions/ideas to answer the following questions in regards to one-to one instructions: What is the demonstrated applicability of teaching to patients and nursing staff? What is the demonstrated applicability of learning to patients and nursing staff? What are some examples of cognitive, phsychomotor, etc. o

Evaluating a Weight-Loss Program

Evaluate a Jenny Craig Weight-Loss Diet/Program ( 1. Describe the food promoted by the organization. 2. Is the program flexible enough to allow people with different food ways and lifestyles to use it? 3. Is it adaptable and easy to follow? 4. Does it provide variety? 5. Does the

Personal Diet and Weight Loss Management Analysis

In the Food Journal(attached) all food and beverages an active woman has consumed for a two-day period is recorded. Please fill out whatever remaining cells have to be filled out. Dietary Reference Intake (attached) might help. Compare and contrast daily totals with the recommended amounts of those nutrients. Determine in w