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The benefits of physical activity for weight control

List the benefits of regular physical activity.

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Regular physical activity can benefit individuals physically and mentally. These benefits are immediate and long term. Being physically fit can make it easier for people to do everyday tasks such as lifting. It can give reserve strength for emergencies and it helps people look and feel better.It imporves immune function , psychological health and helps to prevent injuries as well as lower back pain. In the long run people who are physically fit are less likely to get heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, dementia and many other degenerative diseases.

People can successfully control their weight for the long term if they combine diet and exercise. Regular exercise has a positive effect on metabolism. When people exercise , they slightly increase their resting metabolic rate: the energy required to maintain vital body functions, including respiration, heart ...

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This solution cites the benefits of regular physical activity for weight control.